Do we digest Jesus in the Eucharist?

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My daughter asked me what happens to the consecrated host. She asked if we digest Jesus.


When the host is digested and it no longer has the appearance of bread, it is no longer the body of Christ. The Lord is only present as long as the appearance of bread is present.


  • Sal Carmona says:

    I find myself needing to speak up on this one. When you receive the Eucharist you are receiving Jesus. The Eucharist is his body and when we receive it, this is known as Communion. Communion by its definition means the we become one with Christ. Christ now is alive within us and we live within him. The physical Eucharist is digested but the spirit of Christ fills us. He is with us all the time. That’ is why we are called to love our fellow man and see Jesus in those around us. This is why we are called to spread his word and love. Mass is the celebration of Communion and the word Mass also translates to Mission, as in… We are now instructed to go and share what we have heard just as the disciples did.

  • DaveW says:

    I too am not satisfied with the answer given…

  • When the host is digested it no longer “is” – period. Digestion implies that the elements have undergone substantial change, and are now part of us (just like any other food, we “are” what we eat). We receive Jesus’s body and soul into our body and soul. Physically, though, only the accidental properties of the Body and Blood would be detectable.

  • Lupe Goin says:

    This does not answer the question properly

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