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The Red Nuns of the Contemplative Monastic Order in Thailand

The Redemptoristine Nuns of Liguori, Founded in Italy by Sister Maria Celeste Crostarosa and Saint Alphonsus Liguori in 1731 as an Order of contemplative nuns h…

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23 Jan 2016 Articles Comments (1)

Six Rules for Dealing with Non-Catholic Family and Friends

“I can’t believe you are thinking about being Catholic. Have you lost your mind? Why in the world would you leave biblical Christianity to follow a religion bas…

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25 Feb 2016 Articles Comments (1)

Divine Encounters

Christians use the term "pagan" to describe the culture around us as it becomes ever more militantly secular. But I wonder if pagan is the right term. Our post-…

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Catholic bishops of Malawi reaffirm stance on abortion amid proposals for the review of abortion laws in Malawi

During the episcopal Conference of Malawi on Sunday, Catholic bishops of Malawi issued a pastoral statement on the Jubilee Year of Mercy, Catholic social teachi…

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19 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (8)

If I don't have access to the sacraments, can I baptize myself or will I be damned?

Full Question There is no Catholic Church in my country as the government is very hostile to the Vatican. As a result, I'm not baptized nor can I receive a…

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St. Francis de Sales’s Guide to Starting Our Day Right

In his everyday spirituality, St. Francis de Sales counsels us to begin at the beginning. Making God a part of that first conscious­ness of the new day starts t…

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Pope ends Cuban trip with address to families, heads to US

Pope Francis ends his visit to Cuba on Tuesday with a Mass at the country’s most revered shrine and a pep talk with families before flying north to Washington f…

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16 Sep 2015 Asia-Pacific News Comments (1)

What adoring the Eucharist looks like – on a massive scale in India

The upcoming National Eucharistic Congress of India, being held in Mumbai in November and expected to draw thousands, is meant to deepen the understanding, appr…

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02 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

To welcome a migrant is to welcome God himself, Pope says

In his message for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, Pope Francis recognized the challenges involved with welcoming migrants, but stressed that despite th…

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What is the devil’s favorite sin?

Is an exorcist afraid? What is the devil’s favorite sin? These and other questions were tackled in a recent interview with the Dominican priest, Father Juan José Gallego, an exorcist from the Archdiocese of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain.

It has been nine years since Fr. Gallego was appointed as exorcist. In an interview conducted by the Spanish daily El Mundo, the priest said that in his experience, pride is the sin the devil likes the most.

“Have you ever been afraid?" the interviewer asked.

“In the beginning I had a lot of fear," Fr. Gallego replied. “All I had to do was look over my shoulder and I saw demons… the other day I was doing an exorcism, ‘I command you! I order you!’…and the Evil One, with a loud voice fires back at me: ‘Galleeeego, you’re over-doooing it.’ That shook me."

Nevertheless, he knows that the devil is not more powerful than God. The exorcist recalled that “when they appointed me, a relative told me, ‘Whoa, Juan José, I’m really afraid, because in the movie ‘The Exorcist,’ one person died and the other threw himself through a window. I said to her ‘Don’t forget that the devil is (just a) creature of God.’"

When people are possessed, he added, “they lose consciousness, they speak strange languages, they have inordinate strength, they feel really bad, you see very well-mannered people vomiting and blaspheming."

“There was a boy whom the demon would set his shirt on fire at night and things like that. He told me what the demons were proposing him to do: If you make a pact with us, you’ll never have to go through any more of what you’re going through now."

Father Gallego also warned that “New Age" practices like reiki and some yoga can be points of entry for the demons. He also said that addictions are “a type of possession."

“When people are going through a crisis they suffer more. They can feel hopeless, People feel like they’ve got the devil inside," he said.



  1. joann Reply

    Amen Fr. God bless you

  2. Emmanuel Ugenyi Reply

    How can I get in touch with Fr. Gallego?

  3. Taylor Reply

    Thank you all Exorcists for doing what you do… I even to this day battle my own sins and believe i fight evil as i do so… even at 16 I know that just as God loves each of us the devil yearns to snatch us down to hell.

  4. ian g. caballes Reply

    just a thought.. is it posible that the devil will change his mind and return to God?

    1. Jacob Collins Reply


    2. Chris Reply

      Satan made a choice between who is greater him or god it came down to pride.

      There is no repentance in him nor is there truth as scripture says he is the father of lies.

      Revelation tells that he will be thrown into the pit of fire so there is no chance at all.

  5. Marianne Cabili Relucio-Oro Reply

    May the most precious blood of Jesus of Nazareth Seal, Annoint, Heal , Cover and Protect you Fr.Gallego with Jesus most precious Blood!

  6. Ed Reply

    I am praying from now on for the Priests which make exorcisms.

  7. Moses Favila Reply

    May The Almighty GOD KEEP YOU SAFE From all the exorcism the you do. FR. GALLEGO. For like JESUS CHRIST, says that GOD IS FOR YOU WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU. The Almighty GOD OF HEAVEN HAS a callING for each and one of us!!!

  8. Patricia Reply

    You are very brave. I often think about must be horrible.

  9. Caroline Reply

    There was an evil spirit or two in this one house we lived in. We never were able to get rid of it because itwas attached to my husband. Our marriage has been destroyed and we finally were able to sell it last year. I have not had any more since. I finaly was able to get rid of the deap loneliness last summer.

    1. Nicole Reply

      How did u know it was attached to ur husband? I’m going through the same thing with my husband I think and we can’t sell our home which is only a year old.

      1. Caroline Ramirez Reply

        I didn’t know at first. But once my nephew was with his friends recording to see if they could here anything. My husband was fine with that but once they were there only 15 min. My husband started to become angry and saying they have to get the f out! I was scared and told them he was becoming really upset. Once they left he was fine. When we first moved into the House everything seemed to be OK. Then my husband was outside cleaning our 4 acres. Something lifted him up and threw him down. I didn’t believe him though and thought he just slipped. He was a drinker. He drank allot more while we lived there. He was starting to have major behavioral changes. I thought he was cheating at one point. Then he started to be abusive to our children. Verbaly more than physical. But it was bad. He let yellow jacket nest in the Attic of our home and was letting the house fall apart ,which was not like him in our other home. He became terrible and we left one night. I and the kids felt so much better. We didn’t move back into the home until my x left. We moved into the home and was worried. But nothing much happened. I think that something was still attached to the property though. I do believe that it was there but with my x being a drinker he became a horrible alcoholic which invites demons. So something else came. Plus we had the house blessed. The man said if you don’t go to Mass and try to change ,to my husband, that he will and everything in the home will get worse. He didn’t listen. So I think everything doubled. It was so creepy. I know when I finally sold the house and that was torcher, but when I finally sold it last March I heard a voice. It spoke into my ear and said it was too late. I was thinking about finding true love someday. This voice I heard it and felt it next to my ear while I was laying in bed. I was not asleep. I had just woke up and was praying and thinking. When I heard that I froze. Said a pray and said out loud, it is never too late except for those against God when they die or God comes back. I felt so much better. I realized I had been depressed. I started to pray against the depression. When we were moving out I became really ill. Iy was cold and I was going in and out. But I know it was an attempt to stop me from moving. But I did anyway and was sick for a week. But nothing bad has happened here in my new home. No bumps in the night sort of speak. I wish I could answer any messages on facebook if you want to friend me. Caroline Ramirez and I have the New York buildings in my wall paper with a plane

        1. Ana Cardenas Reply

          My parents and i had a situation with my nephew where we felt he had been messed with by someone using brujeria. We found someone to help him and that night when the person left after helping him i too heard a voice near my ear when i was laying down in bed that said “I’m not through with him yet.”

    2. tony Reply

      Please,tell me when you sold your house and are you still with your husband?Is your relationship with your husband better after you sold the house?.Sorry,I am asking the question because I am having a similar situation as you have had.Thanks

  10. michael corcoran Reply

    Satan really has no sin that is his favorite, all sins are his favorite,
    adultery, homosexuality, pagan practices/rituals, swearing, coveting,
    just as long as it gets you out from underneath the umbrella of God’s
    safety zone and allows him to push you more and more into a one way
    ticket to Hell, Satan is most pleased with himself and eagerly awaits you
    to join him in eternal torment forever

  11. L diaz Reply

    God bless father gallego for his brave duty,the father,the son and the holly spirit be with him at all time.amen

  12. Therese Reply

    Addictions are a type of possession.
    Very interesting.

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