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What are the Church’s guidelines concerning genuflecting during Mass?

ISSUE: What are the Church’s guidelines concerning genuflecting during Mass? What other guidelines does the Church provide regarding reverence toward the Blesse…

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07 Oct 2015 Articles No comments

10 Fun Facts about the Catholic Church

10 – We have tons of friends. Not only are there more than 1.18 billion Catholics, but we also have the Angels and Saints. 9 – The Church’s system of law, call…

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22 Jun 2016 Vatican Comments (2)

Death penalty fosters revenge, not justice, says Pope Francis

The Pope delivered a video message to participants at the Sixth World Congress Against the Death Penalty Use of the death penalty is an unacceptable practice t…

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24 Oct 2014 USA Comments (1)

Is a 'vocation of friendship' key to gay ministry in the Church?

Washington D.C., Oct 24, 2014 / 04:51 am .- Recovering an understanding of friendship as a vocation could be a way for the Church to help ease spiritual problem…

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Pope Francis prays that the power of the resurrection would overcome hardened hearts and promote unity among cultures

Tens of thousands of people were gathered in St. Peter’s Square for the Pope’s Easter Mass. Under a scorching sun, they listened to Pope Francis deliver the tra…

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Is receiving First Penance before First Holy Communion optional?

Receiving the Sacrament of Penance before receiving First Holy Communion is not optional, but rather normative. In approaching this subject, keep in mind that …

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A third of Catholic churches across north Wales are to close

The Bishop of Wrexham, announcing the closure of 22 churches by 2020, says some changes will begin 'within weeks' The Bishop of Wrexham has said that the clo…

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Is it wrong to leave Mass after Communion?

I am saddened when I see a large number of people leaving our parish church immediately after receiving Holy Communion. I always believed we were to stay until …

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Top ten Oldest Church Buildings in the World

The churches listed below are the popularly know oldest churches in the history of the world. Some of the Church buildings have collapsed to the ground due to s…

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Does the Bible teach reincarnation?

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Does the Bible teach reincarnation?


No. Scripture teaches that “it is appointed that men die once, and after this comes judgment” (Heb 9:27). There is absolutely no biblical evidence for reincarnation.

Sometimes people try to find biblical warrant for reincarnation in Christ’s words about John the Baptist. In Matthew 17:12 Christ says, “I tell you Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him.” Matthew adds, “Then the disciples understood that he was speaking to them of John the Baptist” (Mt 17:13).

Is Jesus saying that John was the reincarnation of Elijah? No. Here’s the simple reason. According to 2 Kings 2:9-18, Elijah was taken up bodily into heaven without seeing death. Thus, he wasn’t a candidate for reincarnation because he was still in his original incarnation.

In Matthew 17:1-8, Moses and Elijah appear to Christ and some of his disciples at the Transfiguration. This occurs after John the Baptist has been executed by Herod Antipas. Why is it, then, that Moses and Elijah appear to Christ and his disciples, and not Moses and John the Baptist?

If Christ doesn’t mean John the Baptist is the reincarnation of Elijah, what does he mean? Jesus is speaking figuratively in Matthew 17:12. He’s comparing the prophetic ministry of John in the New Testament to that of Elijah in the Old. Similarly, Luke 1:17 says John “will go before him [the Lord] in the spirit and power of Elijah.”

So there’s no biblical basis for reincarnation. A person who is considering reincarnation is faced with a choice of believing other alleged sources of religious truth or believing the biblical witness. To accept the former in this instance is to reject the latter.

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