16 May 2016 News Comments (1)

BBC religious output is ‘too Christian’, according to internal report

Aaqil Ahmed, the BBC’s head of religion and ethics, has written a report on the corporation's religious programming for director general Lord Hall An…

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14 Sep 2014 Vatican Comments (2)

'Why the Cross?' Pope asks during Sunday Angelus

Vatican City, Sep 14, 2014 / 09:33 am .- On the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, Pope Francis used basic questions about the necessity of salvation to draw…

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16 Aug 2016 Americas News USA Vatican No comments

Pope prays for exploited women on the Feast of the Assumption

Celebrating the feast of the Assumption just three days after visiting a group of young women rescued from the sex trade, Pope Francis prayed for all exploited …

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16 Nov 2015 Articles No comments

Patron Saint of reformed prostitutes? - St Margaret

Saint Margaret of Cortona, T.O.S.F., (1247 – 22 February 1297) was an Italian penitent of the Third Order of St. Francis("T.O.S.F."). She was born in Laviano, n…

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30 Jul 2016 Europe News USA Vatican No comments

The cruelty of Auschwitz still continues, Pope tells youth

Speaking from the balcony of the bishop's palace in Krakow, Pope Francis told youth gathered below that the horror lived by prisoners in the Auschwitz extermina…

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18 Jul 2015 Articles Comments (3)

The Mission of Mercy of St. John Paul

On a February night in 1931, a simple nun in Poland received a mystical vision of Jesus in a white robe with red-and-white rays radiating from his heart. Sister…

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18 Oct 2014 Articles Comments (1)

Did Peter live in Rome?

Some Fundamentalists in order to run away from the doctrine of the papacy would deny totally that Peter was ever in Rome. However, history proves Peter was in R…

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30 Jun 2015 Articles Exhortations No comments

I feel closer to God out in the woods or on the lake. I don’t need to go to church…

You’re right in that you do not have to go to church to be a Christian, and neither do you have to go home to be a husband. Going to church is not what makes a …

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30 Oct 2014 Articles Comments (7)

Why Didn't Jesus Write Anything Down?

An interesting article was posted yesterday on The Daily Beast by historians Candida Moss and Joel Baden. In it, they take down an argument by author Michael Pa…

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Duterte orders US troops to leave – Is the 65-year-agreement at an end?

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has put an end to the 65-year joint military contract with the US.

Over the weekend, Duterte informed the US the Philippines wouldno longer participate in joint patrols in the South China Sea.

The Philippine defense chief, Delfin Lorenzana, announced all joint patrols have come to an end and a small detachment of American troops providing counterterrorism assistance on Mindanao island are to leave.

Duterte has made it clear he wants the Philippines to become independent from the United States several times since he was elected president.

Despite Lorenzana’s statement, The US Embassy in Manila confirmed Saturday that the US has yet to receive a formal notification from the Philippines to halt joint military patrols and exercises.

Even Lorenzana admitted he was uncertain as Duterte’s announcement was discovered after “We heard it on TV.”

With everyone, even the Philippine military, unsure of how to proceed, Duterte continues to claim his country needs to “break up” with the US.

The international community frowns upon Duterte The international community frowns upon Duterte’s war on drugs but it remains the most productive response to end drug sales and use (Reuters).

Duterte admitted he seeks to reach an alliance with Russia and China after dropping the US – but will it be that easy?

Duterte’s controversial war on drugs has resulted in 3,700 dead drug dealers and up to 26,000 arrests with help from vigilante extrajudicial killings.

Daily Mail reported eight of every 10 Filipinos are satisfied with Duterte’s no-nonsense rule as the country has seen a massive response against drug dealers and users.

The Roman Catholic Church, the European Union, the US and the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon believe the vigilante killings are morally inhumane and are a breach of human rights but none can deny the amazing strides the Philippines has taken in the war on drugs.

So will Russia or China be interested in joining forces with the Philippines?

Even China is skeptical.

In the meantime, drug dealers fearing for their lives have turned themselves in to local authorities by the thousands, indicating Duterte knows exactly how to handle his country.

By Kenya Sinclair


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    I’m not quite sure I understand where the author stands on this issue. Sinclair gives us the Church’s viewpoint on the situation as “morally inhumane” but then goes on to praise Duterte for the progress he’s made, as if in confirmation that the ends justify the means. The short term progress in combatting drugs may leave a deep hole in the personal liberties and rights of society.
    The real problem is that he has a country full of unemployed young people, high inflation and few prospects for a quick fix – so what do you do? You focus attention elsewhere. You pick a scapegoat, and drug dealers and users are conveniently available to do so.
    Didn’t the Catholic Church do something like this with witches and heretics?

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