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18 Feb 2015 Q&A Comments (1)

When does Lent really end?

Full Question When does Lent end, and can we "rest" from our Lenten penances on the Sundays of Lent, as those Sundays are not part of Lent? Answer Lent ends …

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22 Jan 2016 Q&A Comments (1)

Does God send wars as a punishment for sin?

Full Question A tract about Our Lady of Fatima's peace plan states that wars are a punishment from God for sin. Is this true? It doesn't seem reasonable to…

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26 Apr 2016 Europe No comments

Secular experts to advise French Church on handling of abuse cases

The new commission will consist of former magistrates, doctors and parents The French Catholic Church has decided to set up a new independent commission made u…

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26 Oct 2015 Middle East - Africa News Vatican No comments

Pope Francis to visit the Mosque in Central Africa for peace Mission against insurgency in Africa

Pope Francis will be visiting Africa November 2015. It is so far certain now that the Pope will be visiting Uganda and Kenya first. The Pope will as well visit …

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06 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

On Day One of Synod 2015, conservatives strike first

ROME — When the first Synod of Bishops on the family got underway last October, conservatives concerned with upholding traditional doctrine appeared caught off …

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19 Sep 2014 Vatican No comments

Pope Francis to Visit Naples in March 2015

Pope Francis is to visit the southern Italian city on Saturday 21 March 2015, fulfilling a promise he made in July during his visit to Caserta, Vatican Radio ha…

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05 Sep 2015 Exhortations Resources No comments

A moral obligation to vaccinate

I was recently asked whether Catholic schools are morally obliged to require vaccination. My answer is a resounding “Yes." Catholic and, indeed, all Christian t…

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15 Sep 2015 Americas News No comments

Euthanasia, clerical abuse on agenda of Canadian bishops’ meeting

Euthanasia and the response to the sexual abuse of Native Americans in residential Catholic institutions during the 20th century are among the items on the agen…

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01 Apr 2015 Q&A No comments

If I was confirmed at a time when I didn't believe in God, may I receive a second confirmation?

Full Question I was confirmed at the age of 13. At the time I considered myself an atheist, and I was not receptive to the sacrament. I only recently retur…

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Dying man leaves amazing gift hidden in forest

The Celtic cross has been recognized as an emblem of Irish Christianity for centuries.

Today, the symbol is visible from thousands of feet in the air, greeting passengers who fly into the City of Derry airport in County Londonderry, Ireland.

More than 300 feet long and 200 feet wide, the cross is set on a hill, made of thousands of lighter trees amidst a backdrop of darker trees in Ulster forest.

While the cross has been visible for several years, its origins remained a mystery, until recently when Irish TV station UTV uncovered the history of the wooded cross.

It was planted by the late forrester Liam Emmery, who passed away in 2010 at the age of 51 after suffering from poor health for a couple years.

The cross had remained mostly a mystery even to his family, until recently.

“Liam was in an accident and he was unwell for two years, and he had suffered brain damage. So that’s why I suppose I had forgotten about (the Celtic cross in the forest),” Liam’s wife, Norma Emmery, told UTV.

“Because if he was here, we’d all have heard about it because he would have been so proud.”

A mysterious Celtic cross grew in an Irish forest A mysterious Celtic cross grew in an Irish forest (Twitter).

Gareth Austin, a horticultural expert, told UTV that the cross was a feat of horticultural engineering. The dry autumn has made the cross particularly visible this year.

“For Liam to have created that and to give the gift of that to the rest of us, we’re going to be appreciating this for the next 60 or 70 years,” Austin said.

The origins of the Celtic cross have been debated by historians for years. Some say the ring around the cross-section of the cross represents the halo of Christ, while others say it is a symbol adopted from pagan beliefs about the sun, to show Christ’s supremacy over the life-giving pagan solar deities. Many believe that either St. Patrick or St. Declan introduced the cross to Ireland.

Other historians believe it came about because of its structural advantages – the ring helps support the arms of the cross.

Regardless of its exact origins, the cross became a symbol for Irish Christianity over the decades, and experience renewed popularity with the Celtic Revival of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Norma said that it made sense that it was the symbol her husband chose to plant in the forest.

“He just loved things to be perfect, and I think the Celtic cross is perfect for him.”



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