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Considering Zika Virus contraceptives may be ‘lesser evil,’ said Pope Francis

Pope Francis during the press conference held in the plane on his way back from a six days visit to Cuba and Mexico addressed the issues of aborting babies and …

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Churches swept up in Pokemon Go craze

In its first week, the mobile phone game attracted nearly 21 million users Since its release in the United States on July 6, Pokemon Go has quickly become a …

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Pope Francis shares gifts to mark his 3rd Anniversary as Pope

The Holy Father Pope Francis is three years in the Pontiff's office as Pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. He became Pope on 13th March 2013 and is the 226t…

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Estate of retired Australian bishop to be used to help child abuse victims

The late Bishop Ronald Mulkearns, who 'regretted' his handling of abuse cases, left his fortune to the Diocese of Ballarat The multi-million dollar estate of R…

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25 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (31)

How can the saints in heaven hear us?

Full Question How can the saints in heaven hear us? Answer Jesus said that he is the true vine, and we are the branches. When a Christian (one br…

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Getting to Know Pope Francis

As soon as his name was announced from the Vatican on March 13, the world scrambled to learn about Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio, the Argentine Jesuit just elected t…

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Can a bishop prohibit receiving Communion on the tongue?

Full Question Recently I was attending Mass in another diocese, and when I approached the extraordinary minister of the Eucharist to receive on the tongue…

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Bishop Finn's spokesman confirms Vatican visitation

Kansas City, Mo., Sep 30, 2014 / 02:59 pm .- The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph has confirmed that an archbishop has held a visitation on behalf of the Vatic…

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Falling in Love with God: The Greatest Romance

There are days when I do battle with a deadly spiritual malady, a form of spiritual heart disease. It comes in two forms, both rather sneaky in how they creep u…

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Eastern-rite Catholics use leavened bread in Holy Communion, but Roman-rite Catholics use unleavened bread. Why the difference?

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Eastern-rite Catholics use leavened bread in Holy Communion, but Roman-rite Catholics use unleavened bread. Why the difference?


The Eastern tradition likens yeast in bread to the soul in the body. The soul gives life, and therefore the “living bread” of the Eucharist must have yeast. The West uses unleavened bread because that is what Jesus used in the Last Supper.

When the Orthodox Church broke from Rome in 1054, the Patriarch of Constantinople condemned the West for using unleavened bread, but that was a spurious charge. The Council of Florence approved the use of either kind of bread in 1439, so the use of leavened or unleavened bread is a question of licitness, not validity. This was infallibly defined.

The council stated, “We have likewise defined that the body of Christ is truly effected in unleavened or leavened wheaten bread and that priests ought to effect the body of our Lord in either one of these, and each one namely according to the custom of his Church, whether that of the West or of the East” (Decree for the Greeks).

Roman-rite Catholics are not permitted to use leavened bread, however (Code of Canon Law 926). The Church desires uniformity to show that the sacrifice of the Mass is the same sacrifice everywhere. Using leavened bread would not invalidate the Eucharist, but it would be a grave error to disobey the Church and a long, venerable tradition. Eastern-rite churches in communion with Rome are allowed to retain their own tradition of using leavened bread.


  1. emmayche Reply

    One of the other reasons for the tradition of leavened bread in the East is the “first fruits” doctrine; the highest-quality bread was leavened, and, going back to Cain and Abel, we’d rather offer our best then just the average.

  2. rymlianin Reply

    The Gospel clearly states that Christ used gr. artos (leavened bread) at the last supper, not azymes(unleavened bread) . The use of leavened bread was universal in the first centuries of Christianity as can be seen from early explanations of the Liturgy, even as late as the 9th century in the West.

  3. Larry Reply

    The Orthodox brole away from Rome – Really? Have you ever heard of Cardinal Humbertus? What about the 4th Crusade? You made some good points I your article but let’s not be so arrogant and rewrite history, please.

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