08 May 2016 Vatican No comments

German cardinal says ‘unauthorised people’ are vetoing bishop nominations

Cardinal Karl Lehmann of Mainz said the rejection of lists of names showed 'intolerable disrespect' for a country's Church A German cardinal has said names of …

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28 Jan 2016 Articles Comments (14)

The hidden Secrets of Pornography

I have multiple friends whose marriages have been ruined because of sexual addiction. While heartbreaking for them, their spouses, and their children, …

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29 Oct 2015 Europe News No comments

Archbishop Tartaglia again on the government over Tax cuts

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, the president of the Scottish Bishops’ Conference who last month attacked the British government with his words calling them “mean …

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04 Jun 2015 Articles Q&A No comments

What is General Absolution? What are the Church’s norms regarding General Absolution?

RESPONSE: General Absolution is an exceptional means of forgiving sins that the Church provides in grave circumstances, such as when 1) danger of death threaten…

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12 Sep 2015 News Vatican No comments

Pope Francis warns of 'grave consequences' if climate change is ignored

The environment is facing serious threats such as climate change and global warming, Pope Francis has said – adding that finding solutions is a matter of justic…

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04 May 2016 Americas Europe News United Kingdom USA Vatican Comments (1)

Priests arrested for Kidnapping and assaulting their own Bishop

The Case of Bishop Prasad Gallela of Cuddapah in India which was reported to be kidnapped and brutally beaten-up on 25th April by unknown criminals have finally…

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03 Dec 2014 Q&A No comments

Is it a sin to talk for long with women?

Full Question I was perusing an old (1805) Spanish moral theology tome online, the Compendio Moral Salmaticense. As Spanish is not my primary language, reading…

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20 Aug 2016 Articles No comments

The true history of celibacy

According to some reports, the next synod may touch on the question of ordaining married men. If we are to have such a debate, it should be based on fact, not f…

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10 Feb 2016 Europe News United Kingdom USA Vatican No comments

Hampton Court Palace hosts first Roman Catholic service since 1550

The first Roman Catholic service for more than 450 years was celebrated at the Hampton Court Palace, since Henry VIII broke away from Rome in the 16th century. …

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Egyptian kings reigned with weapons from space? New study reveals shocking origins of King Tut’s dagger

The mummy of King Tutankhamen, widely known as King Tut, was carefully unwrapped and certain surprising treasures were discovered.

A dagger made from an unusual metal was discovered carefully wrapped in King Tut’s tomb.

With help from X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, experts from Italy and Egypt revealed the dagger was composed of iron, nickel and cobalt – an approximate match for a meteorite that landed in northern Egypt hundreds of years ago.

The researchers were fascinated and wrote an entire article titled “The meteoritic origin of Tutankhamun’s iron dagger blade” published in the Wiley Online Library.

Smelting iron was not easy in the days of King Tut, prompting much debate among specialists. Interestingly, the study revealed ancient Egyptians turned to meteoritic iron to produce precious objects and King Tut’s dagger had a “high manufacturing quality,” indicating there was “a significant mastery of ironworking in Tutankhamun’s time.”

King Tutankhamen King Tutankhamen’s dagger revealed metal likely found in a meteorite (Ben Curtis/Reuters).

Scientists have known about the dagger since 1925 but remained a source of debate for nearly a century.

Earlier studies were unable to determine whether the blade was created with earthly or extraterrestrial materials but now they know.

The discovery seems insignificant but to the archeological and historical communities, the use of meteorites to produce iron weapons and items is important.

The information helps researchers as they carefully piece together the puzzle of the past and enables them to better understand the inner workings of a long-gone society.


By Kenya Sinclair


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