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Secrets Your Apologist Won't Tell You

One of my favorite features in Reader's Digest is "Secrets Your Won't Tell You." Whether the service provider is your waiter, pl…

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06 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (25)

Do the Episcopalian and Orthodox churches have the Real Presence in the Eucharist?

Full Question Do the Episcopalian and Orthodox churches have the Real Presence in the Eucharist? Answer The Orthodox churches have valid holy…

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22 Oct 2014 Vatican No comments

Ecumenical dialogue in the spotlight as Pope's Turkey trip approaches

Vatican City, Oct 22, 2014 / 01:57 pm .- The cardinal heading the Church’s council for Christian Unity has expressed his hope that Pope Francis’ upcoming visit …

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Was King James persecuted by the Church for translating the Bible into English?

Full Question A friend told me that King James II of England was persecuted by the Catholic Church because the Church did not want the king translating the Bib…

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Cardinal Pell consults lawyers after Vatican adviser calls him ‘almost sociopathic’

Cardinal George Pell is seeking legal advice after a member of the Vatican’s child protection commission called him “almost sociopathic" and appealed for his di…

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Pope Francis met with Royals of Monaco

The Holy Father on monday met with Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco. A brief Vatican statement released after the meeting indicated that the …

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Atheists Are Closer to God Than They Think

My family believed in kindness, loving, and being the best people we could be. We were also atheists. Because of this belief system, we believed that we had a d…

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Pope named world 4th 'World Most Powerful Person'

Forbes an American business magazine owned by Forbes, Inc have published their list of "World most Powerful People". Pope Francis in it was named 4th "World mo…

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'Our Lady has already crushed his head': Our Lady of Fatima visionary predicted marriage and family 'final battle'

Sister Lucia dos Santos, one of the three children who witnessed the Marian apparitions at Fatima, died in 2005. But before her death, she predicted t…

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Euthanasia for mentally ill quadruples in Netherlands

The number of mental health patients killed by euthanasia in the Netherlands has quadrupled from 13 to 56 in the last four years
The number of mental health patients killed by euthanasia in the Netherlands has quadrupled in just four years, new figures reveal.
Official annual statistics show that 56 people received a lethal injection in 2015 because they were suffering “unbearably" from psychiatric problems.
In 2011 there were just 13 such deaths recorded, meaning that psychiatric euthanasia cases have increased by more than 330 per cent in the following four-year period.
The new figures also show a 35 per cent increase in the numbers of dementia patients being killed in the space of one year, with cases leaping from 81 in 2014 to 109 in 2015.
While the overall number of deaths by euthanasia in Holland increased by just over four per cent, rising from 5,306 to 5,561, the latest figure represents a leap in euthanasia deaths of 50 per cent in the last five years.
It also means that euthanasia accounts for 3.78 per cent of the 147,000 annual deaths in the Netherlands, or nearly one in every 27 deaths.
The law only permits euthanasia in cases of “unbearable suffering"; most involve people with incurable cancer.
Regulators found “irregularities" with just four cases documented by the Dutch government and these will be investigated further.
Anti-euthanasia campaigners in the UK were nevertheless disturbed especially by the soaring numbers of people with dementia or mental illness among the cases.
Nikki Kenward of disability rights group Distant Voices said the Dutch were failing deeply vulnerable people by offering euthanasia as a solution to their problems.
“Aside from the increase in numbers, what we have here is a mind change, a point of view that is seen as legitimate, even welcomed," said Mrs Kenward.
“Here we have vulnerable people who are already terribly damaged and saddened by their life experiences only to discover that their struggle to make sense of life can be met by an opportunity to exit it by callous means," she continued.
“If this is the best that the psychiatric profession can offer in the face of complex and deep needs then we all should be wary of trusting that profession, which is clearly letting people down by a lack of successful treatment and worse."
Statistics showing the surge in euthanasia deaths among psychiatric patients comes months after a study revealed that a majority of people killed because of mental health problems had complained of “social isolation".
Researchers in the U.S. found that loneliness was a motivation behind the euthanasia requests of 37 of 66 cases reviewed, a figure representing 56 per cent of the total.
The study by the National Institutes of Health cited the case of a woman of good mental and physical health who was killed by lethal injection because she felt lonely following the death of her husband a year earlier, leading to claims that the Netherlands is operating a de facto policy of euthanasia on demand.
It is likely that euthanasia cases involving dementia cases will continue to rise because earlier this year rules were relaxed to give doctors greater freedom to kill patients who develop the condition.
Government guidance assured doctors they could legally give lethal injections to patients who were no longer capable of expressing a desire to either live or die.
The patient must, however, have signed an advance directive, or “living will", requesting euthanasia at a time when they still had mental capacity.
Earlier guidance had insisted that a person could only qualify for euthanasia when they could give their full consent.
At present, the Dutch government is considering whether to follow the example of Belgium and extend euthanasia to children.


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  1. Tom Rafferty Reply

    “Aside from the increase in numbers, what we have here is a mind change, a point of view that is seen as legitimate, even welcomed." Yes, and the only thing interfering with this compassionate activity is the religious doctrine of special creation of humans and the dogma of a soul. Reason and evidence over dogma!!!

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