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Pope to the newly ordained bishops: The episcopate is a service, not an honour

Ordaining two Vatican officials Peter Brian Wells, of the United States and Miguel Angel Ayuso Guixot, of Spain, as bishops, Pope Francis touched on the importa…

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18 Aug 2016 Europe Middle East News USA Vatican Comments (1)

Islamic leader wants to legalise polygamy in Italy

The leader of the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy has said there is “no reason" for polygamy not to be legalised after the Italian government passed a law…

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09 Oct 2015 Middle East News No comments

Pope appeals for peace in Middle East

As the Synod of Bishops began its October 9 session, Pope Francis called for “intense prayer, full of faith, to the Lord" for peace in the Middle East. Stati…

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01 Aug 2016 News No comments

At the end of World Youth Day, Pope urges young to be ‘hope of the future’

The Pope met volunteers and organisers before boarding a flight back to RomePope Francis thanked World Youth Day organisers and volunteers and urged them to be …

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07 Jul 2016 Q&A Comments (1)

Why all the fuss about The Da Vinci code, considering it's just a piece of fiction?

Full Question I have just read Catholic Answers' report on the novel The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I have to say that the Church seems very flustered abo…

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20 Sep 2014 Articles Comments (1)

Celibacy and the Priesthood

Fundamentalist attacks on priestly celibacy come in a number of different forms—not all compatible with one another. There is almost no other subject about whic…

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20 Jul 2016 Articles Comments (2)

Our Realtor Who Art In Heaven

A friend of mine who is a Jewish convert to Catholicism was startled a few years ago to find a statue of St. Joseph in the curio cabinet of Jewish relatives and…

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16 Sep 2014 Exhortations Comments (1)

Daily Homily: Love Never Fails

1 Corinthians 12:31-13:13 Psalm 33:2-3, 4-5, 12 and 22 Luke 7:31-35 Jesus compares the people of his generation to two groups of children. The first group …

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28 Oct 2016 News No comments

Be close to struggling families, Pope urges John Paul II Institute

Francis says theologians should focus less on how people are going astray and more on helping them The “indissoluble bond" of the Catholic Church with its memb…

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Faith schools are the solution, not the problem, says Ruth Kelly

Faith schools are a force for social inclusion and community cohesion, said the former Education Secretary

Rather than being the problem, “faith schools might be part of the solution in terms of promoting integration and countering extremism," former Education Secretary Ruth Kelly said this week.

In an opinion piece in the Irish Catholic Ms Kelly addressed the arguments against faith schools, and also looked at why faith schools are required to accept pupils of other faiths and none.

With Ms Kelly’s successor Alan Johnson in 2006 the Education Secretary changed from a member of Opus Dei to “an avowed secularist". Johnson was the first to attempt to introduce the admissions requirement, but his proposal of 25 per cent from other faiths was quickly blocked by Catholic MPs.

It was Michael Gove who brought in the policy, not for 25 per cent but 50 per cent of pupils. He had previously written a book following the London bombings of 2005, “warning that the West was engaged in an existential battle with Islam and arguing that many of the bodies the Government was engaging with were undemocratic and dangerous". The admissions policy was intended to curb extremist Muslim influence in schools, but instead had a major effect on Catholic and other faith schools.

Ms Kelly said that opponents of faith schools have three arguments: that they are socially divisive and create inequality, that they undermine community cohesion and that they are potentially dangerous giving rise to extremism.

“Far from promoting social division, the evidence suggests that Catholic schools are a force for social inclusion, a force for community cohesion," she said. As for the risk of Muslim faith schools promoting radicalism, the schools where “dirty tricks were being used to oust non-Muslim staff", she said, were all state schools, not faith schools.


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  1. Peter Aiello Reply

    Secularism also promotes its own values; so why shouldn’t there be a free flow of ideas among different types of institutions? The anti-religious views of secularists are very socially divisive and exclusionary. They have no room to criticize anyone else.

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