Famous atheist believes after miracle at Medjugorje

Randall Sullivan was an atheist, working as a war correspondent in Bosnia. He was also a contributing editor to Rolling Stone magazine. During a visit to Medjugorje, something changed his life forever.

Sullivan started his day interviewing visionary Mirjana. He explained the interview went poorly and she kicked him out of her house.

Within nothing more to do for the day, Sullivan decided to climb Cross Mountain. The day was hot and sunny, almost too hot for a climb. Few people seemed willing to make the hike up the path, but Sullivan went anyway.
As he climbed, he heard beautiful melodious voices singing in French. He came upon a party of French nuns, singing and praying the Stations of the Cross. Sullivan decided to join their party for awhile.

The pleasant experience was interrupted by a developing thunderstorm which engulfed the mountain. Soon, it was raining. Thunder and lightning crashed everywhere. Sullivan suddenly felt and urge to kneel and pray, which he did for the first time in his life.

As he prayed, a pretty, young woman appeared to him. She comforted him in the storm and placed a hat on his head. The moment was so peaceful and surreal, that Sullivan closed his eyes to take it in. When he opened his eyes, everything was gone. The brilliant sun was hot. The nuns were nowhere to be seen. The young woman had disappeared. He had no hat. Nobody else saw anything. Not the nuns, not the storm, nothing. For everyone else, it was an ordinary day in every way.

Sullivan realized he’d just experienced a miracle. From that moment on, he became a believer.

Sullivan is now a believer in the miracles of Medjugorje, having witnessed one firsthand. Of critics he says, “There is no single word I discovered that so instantly could produce a rapturous smile a derisive snort or an uncomfortable silence in the Vatican as “Medjugorje” What fascinated me was that those that extolled Medjugorje as a place of sacred virtue of unparalleled power all had made pilgrimages to experience the village first hand while those who scoffed knew only what they had read or heard. The priests inclined to to dismiss reports of miracles at Medjugorje (first as an insult to their intelligence and second as an embarrassment to the church) all seemed curiously muted.”

What do you think? Do you believe in the miracles at Medjugorje?


By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)



    1. Sam Reply

      An Atheist just proved you wrong, and there’s billions of miracles, which I have myself experienced as well. It seems like you have anger, you want proof but what’s the point if your not ready to give up your lifestyle to follow God? You should ask yourself that, because you must obey Gods rules and since atheist are soo liberal they will have a hard time and God invites you in his ways not yours.

        1. Rob Chadwick Reply

          “This is how I decide what is probably true.” Then you should not leave any room for doubt. You are came to this site on your own and thought enough to commitment rather than move on to the next article. Your own words betray you. I think you are wishing for a miracle of your own. I truly feel for you sir. I truly hope you find what you need in your life. I believe the Lord speaks to us when we are ready to listen. Not by expecting Him to show us proof. What does the Lord God have to prove? Demanding the Lord act on our terms is impossible. The evidence and the proof of any miracle can be found in the delighted heart of the one who experienced it. I can tell you I am proof of that.

    2. Betty J Wooley Reply

      I will pray for you Tom Rafferty. Blessed are those who do not see, but believe. Miracles do happen every day. I went to Medjugore in 1989 and it was a most beautiful experience. I didn’t have a physical miracle, but what happened to me on Apparition Hill at night was “real”. It was a phenomenal, divine revelation and God spoke to me in my heart (a locution). “I know how much he loves me, as He loves all His little children”, for he held me in the palm of His hand. In the total darkness a crystal-clear light shown down upon me and the entire crowd. Heavenly angels were singing and I felt an overwhelming love like never before!! There is more to my miracle, but it would take too long to explain all of it. God is real and His love for us is never ending. Peace be with you.

  1. Ricardo Fernando Reply

    i do believe in miracles.

  2. Gina Reply

    I was there in 2000 and the first thing you feel is the most amazing peace. I believe that is what heaven will feel like. I felt a miracle at mass right after holy communion? Someone played the violin (I have never before liked the violin) and it felt like it was healing me inside and I had my eyes closed and I could feel the tears that I was shedding running down my face and neck and I opened my eyes and saw that almost everyone was weeping. After mass I felt a love I had never felt and it has lasted all these sixteen years. I truly believe in miracles!!!! PTL

  3. Patricia Charles Reply

    Yes I believe . I am a witness of the glory of our Lord.

  4. Kaheiguru Bridget Reply

    To God be the Glory! Mother Mary interceed for us sinners. Amen.

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