13 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

Method of teaching about family can alienate people, synod members say

US bishop spoke about the need to affirm Church teaching while accompanying all Catholics on the path to holiness Just like a family, the Catholic Church sho…

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25 Jul 2016 News No comments

World Youth Day 2016: full schedule

World Youth Day 2016 is taking place in Krakow this week and the Pope is taking part in a number of events Tuesday, July 26 Opening Mass (Błonia Park, 5…

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30 Nov 2015 Middle East - Africa News No comments

Watch Pope Francis Open "Holy Door" in Bangui

Holy Father celebrates Mass in Central African Republic where he opened the holy door  

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28 Jun 2016 Articles No comments

The land where the Jesuits embraced modernity

In a letter of 1850 the Swiss Jesuit John Bapst declared that “the United States is the freest country in the world". Bapst had only arrived in America two year…

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27 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (7)

Does the Bible prophecy say that the mother of the Messiah would be a virgin--or only a young girl?

Full Question A friend of mine contends that the Bible nowhere makes the prophecy that Mary would be a virgin, only that she would be a young girl. He says…

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16 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (9)

How important is the Old Testament for Catholics?

Full Question How important is the Old Testament to modern Catholics? I know that Christ fulfilled the old Law and all, but should we still feel that the O…

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26 Jan 2016 News Vatican No comments

Pope Francis meets the new Taiwanese ambassador

The Holy Father welcomed and blessed the newly appointed ambassador of Taiwan, Matthew S.M. Lee‎. At a formal ceremony at the Vatican. During the visit, Ambass…

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28 May 2015 Vatican No comments

Pope Francis: Get ready to be martyrs – even in the little things

Pope Francis centered his homily for Monday's daily Mass on the “scandal of the cross," saying Christians should turn to the Holy Spirit in preparing for martyr…

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15 Apr 2016 Articles Comments (1)

Where the Fault Lies for the Collapse of Marriage

  Try answering this Gallup Poll questionfrom 2011: “Just your best guess, what percentage of Americans would you say are gay or lesbian?" The possible …

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Four-year-old discovered ALIVE beneath dead sister’s body in Italian earthquake rubble

Four-year-old Giorgia Renaldo was saved by the body of her eight-year-old sister, Giulia.

According to Daily Mail, the 6.2-magnitude earthquake that struck near central Italy Wednesday morning left nearly 2,500 people homeless and the death toll has reached nearly 250 people.

Among the dead is 8-year-old Giulia Renaldo, who covered her younger sister Giorgia with her own body.

When emergency responders began shifting through the rubble and debris of fallen buildings, they discovered Giulia’s body and, safely tucked beneath her, Giorgia, who escaped without a scratch.

The girls were discovered in the village of Pescara del Tronto and their grandmother, Angela Cafini, openly mourned the loss of Giulia as she explained: “Giulia died saving her sister. She lay on top of her. That is the only reason she is alive. I am told she has no injuries and that is the only explanation for that.”

Cafini wept but stated: “They were found together hours after the earthquake hit us. It is a miracle that she is alive, but I am torn. I have lost one granddaughter and one has lived.”

While the price was high, little Giorgia did survive and is being double-checked at a hospital.

The rest of the village has been laid to waste and the death toll continues to rise.

The Italian earthquake has left hundreds dead. The Italian earthquake has left hundreds dead (EPA).

BBC reported 5,000 rescue workers continue to search for survivors and over 300 survivors have been sent to hospitals for treatment.

The towns hit the hardest are Amatrice, Arquata, Accumoli and the girls’ village of Pescara del Tronto.

Rescue teams are even saving animals, with two firemen reportedly digging half-an-hour to save a trapped dog.

“It doesn’t matter to us if it’s a person or an animal, we save it,” Giana Macerata, the fire officer in charge, stated.

Rescuers remain hard at work and hope to discover more survivors. One fire department official admitted the more time passes, the harder it will be to find trapped people and animals: “The changes of finding people alive in these conditions, in this type of setting, well, it’s challenging. We need to hope and we need to work and we need to believe there’s someone out there alive who we can save.”

Meanwhile, citizens continue to help each other and mourn their lost loved ones.

Please pray the rescuers will discover all of the remaining survivors. Pray for an eternity with Christ for the departed and healing for the living.




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