21 Sep 2016 Articles Comments (1)

How to Answer the Charge ‘Catholicism Is Pagan’

Some people claim the Catholic Church came into existence in the early part of the fourth century after the Roman emperor Constantine converted to Christianity.…

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13 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

Method of teaching about family can alienate people, synod members say

US bishop spoke about the need to affirm Church teaching while accompanying all Catholics on the path to holiness Just like a family, the Catholic Church sho…

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09 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (13)

Does the rosary have to be said in a certain way to be effective?

Full Question Sometimes I mix the mysteries of the rosary and meditate on different parts of Jesus' life, not necessarily on the prescribed day. I never th…

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23 Mar 2016 Americas Europe Middle East News United Kingdom USA Vatican Comments (1)

Syrian Catholic Bishop accuses US Government of establishing the monstrous ISIS

Following the recent declaration of the Daesh (ISIS) acts as "Genocide against Christians" by the Secretary of State of USA, John Kerry, a Syrian Catholic Bisho…

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07 Jul 2016 Americas Europe News USA Vatican No comments

Brexit ‘won’t affect pilgrimages to Lourdes’

A pilgrimage director has dismissed claims that pilgrimages to Lourdes will be detrimentally affected by Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. John T…

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10 Nov 2015 News Vatican Comments (1)

The Recent Vatileaks Scandal and what Pope Francis has to say

On November 4th a book titled “Via Crucis" written by Gianluigi Nuzzi was published, exposing vital and secret Vatican documentations to the entire public. This…

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02 Nov 2014 Articles Comments (1)

The Battle that Saved the Christian West

Americans know that in 1492 Christopher Columbus "sailed the ocean blue," but how many know that in the same year the heroic Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isa…

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War on drugs is destroying Filipino values, says archbishop

Archbishop Villegas says Filipino virtues are being replaced by 'cuss words, lies and vulgarity' The Philippine bishops’ conference president has lamented “t…

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08 Nov 2014 Articles Comments (3)

Did John Write His Gospel?

Who wrote the Gospel of John? Certainly not the beloved disciple, according to "modern scholarship," which claims the book is more or less unhistorical fantasy …

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Fr Dhiya Aziz kidnapped by ISIS again

The Iraqi priest Fr. Dhiya Aziz was kidnapped by ISIS terrorist group on July 4 last year and released 5 days later. Fr. Aziz was again kidnapped for the second time by the ISIS group on 23rd December 2015 on his way from a mission work at Turkey, to return to his parish in Idlib province in Syria.

Fr. Aziz belongs to the the Iraqi Franciscan mission group. The group’s Franciscan Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Custos of the Holy Land, told Vatican Radio there have been no updates since Christmas Eve. “God forbid he is killed Fr. Pizzaballa added.

Fr Aziz had been visiting family who took refuge in Turkey after ISIS took over their hometown of Qaraqosh in Iraq.

Fr Aziz, volunteered to serve the parish of Yacoubieh, in Idlib province, two years ago. The area has been in the hands of ISIS for years.

While most priests and religious of other Christian communities have left the area, the parish, and neighbouring village of Knayeh, are being looked after by the Franciscans.


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