03 Mar 2016 Australia News Comments (3)

Archbishop of Tuam unveils magnificent artwork made up of 1.5 million individual pieces of mosaic

An eye-catching mosaic depicting the Apparition of Our Lady in 1879 was unveiled at Our Lady’s Basilica at Knock Shrine on Sunday last week. Archbishop of Tu…

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24 Aug 2016 Q&A No comments

What happened to the three prayers at the end of Low Mass?

Full Question I remember three prayers that used to be said after the Low Mass. One was to St. Michael the Archangel. What were these prayers called and wh…

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31 Oct 2015 Middle East - Africa News No comments

Pope Francis' visit to Africa is a moment of excitement,Ugandan Archbishop says

Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the African continent from November 25-30. Archbishop John Baptist Odama of Gulu ,Uganda has that said Pope Francis’ upco…

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20 Oct 2015 Europe News No comments

Archbishop Chaput: In Philly and in synod, support for Francis is obvious

In an Oct. 19 interview, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia said that despite an implied assertion in America Magazine over the weekend, no synod father …

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06 Feb 2016 Americas Europe News USA Vatican No comments

Orlando Montano to face trial over the Murder of six Jesuit priests from 1989

A former Salvadoran army officer, Orlando Montano will extradited based on request that came from a court in North Carolina, so that he can face trial in Spain …

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26 Feb 2016 Articles No comments

The Forgotten Tales of Gregory the Great

Three years into his pontificate, Pope St. Gregory the Great asked his friend Peter the Deacon to set down some stories of the lives of Italian saints. Here is …

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26 Aug 2016 Uncategorized No comments

Two nuns found dead in their Mississippi home

The bodies of two nuns who served their community 'faithfully for many years' have been found at their home in Mississippi Two nuns have been found dead in the…

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07 Sep 2015 News Vatican No comments

Was the last synod 'rigged'? Tell-all book lets the reader decide

A new book about the 2014 Extraordinary Synod on the Family alleges evidence of a hidden agenda pushed by a handful of bishops in positions of influence. “I …

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19 Feb 2015 Q&A No comments

FAQs About Lent

* Why do some refer to Easter as Easter and others use Lent or Pentecost and what is the significance of each? * Why do we put ash on our forehead? * Where do…

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Fr.Valdermar Romero Spokesman for the Archdiocese of Mexico city, condemns court’s ruling on legalization of recreational marijuana.

Catholic representatives have strongly condemned a Mexican Supreme Court’s ruling on recreational marijuana. On Wednesday, the court’s first bench voted 4:1 in favor of an injunction that allows four people who applied for a license to grow and use marijuana, have the right to do so. The case lays the groundwork for future legal action in Mexico that could lead to legalization nationwide.

This comes as presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has introduced legislation that would end the federal prohibition on marijuana, allowing states the power to legalize and regulate marijuana in the same way state and local laws now govern the sale of alcohol and tobacco, without fear of federal impediment.

“For the Church, this is a serious decision and an incredibly irresponsible decision that follows certain fads, a certain mentality of individual freedom superior to social well-being," said Fr Hugo Valdemar Romero, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Mexico City.

Fr Valdemar, who expressed frustration with the courts deciding contentious social issues, said he did not think legalization was “appropriate" for a country consumed with such insecurity and poverty.

“In Mexico, we have a problem in which more than 50 per cent of the population is poor … It’s opening the doors to a population that is not very prepared," he continues. “I think it’s an error that they’re legislating as if we were a country in Europe or in the United States."

“We live in a culture of permission and we can’t stop it," Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera Lopez of Monterrey said in comments published by news agency Quadratin. “Parents themselves can’t contain their children. We are in a society that wants permission for everything."

The big worry is that it’s a debate that should take place in Congress, where citizens are represented, and not in an arbitrary decision, in a decision making it appear the court has turned into a super-national power that decides things that go beyond what the legislators representing the population can," Fr Valdemar said.

In the United States, the states of Washington, Colorado, Alaska and Oregon have legalized marijuana use. The South American nation of Uruguay adopted a plan to create a legal pot market in 2013.


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