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We want solutions, not guns – a Syrian bishop speaks out

Outside entities who drive the Syrian war – either through the selling of arms or their own political and strategic interests – must stop, and the country shoul…

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Catholic women's conference refreshes moms, forges friendships

Austin, Texas, Sep 18, 2014 / 04:22 am .- A pair of Catholic authors has found a new way to give mothers some time off while helping break the social isolation …

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Pope Francis's New Document on Marriage: 12 Things to Know and Share

Pope Francis’s much-anticipated document on the family has now been released. Here are 12 things to know and share. 1. What are the basic facts about the …

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Does a Saturday morning Mass fulfill the Sunday obligation?

Full Question I will be attending an early-morning First Communion Mass this Saturday at my church. Our priest announced that our attendance at this Mass would…

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Cuban youth who exchanged zucchettos with the Pope felt the 'tenderness of God' When he learned that a Pope would visit his city for the first time, Manuel Alejandro Rodríguez Yong dreamed of g…

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The happiest day of Mother Teresa's life

It’s been said that saints often come in pairs. Sts. Peter and Paul, Mary and Joseph, Francis and Clare, and Louis and Zelie Martin are just a handful of…

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Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco insists the bishops are united in reaffirming the uniqueness of the family as Italy votes for or…

President of the Italian bishops’ conference Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco spoke out in an address to a council of bishops saying that the family “does not exist for…

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Boston priest named secretary of Vatican commission to protect minors

Vatican City, Sep 10, 2014 / 09:58 am .- The Vatican announced today that Msgr. Robert W. Oliver will leave his position as promoter of justice to take on a new…

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Is the sign of the cross on the forehead, lips, and heart before the Gospel reading for the priest only?

Full Question Is the sign of the cross on the forehead, lips, and heart before the Gospel reading for the priest only? Answer Everyone is instruc…

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France to ban all Christian symbols in latest attempt to ‘fight the advance of political Islam’

In a desperate attempt to keep Muslim women from wearing their religious garb, National Front leader Marine Le Pen has offered a controversial proposal.

The conservative leader suggested all religious clothing and symbols should be banned in France.

According to Christian Today, Le Pen made the announcement on Sunday.

Should she be elected France’s next President, Le Pen said she would ban religious symbols in all government buildings, state schools and public places.

“I know this is a sacrifice, but I believe that the situation is too serious today,” she explained.

“Every French person must understand that we are asking of them a sacrifice in order to fight the advance of political Islam.”

Banned clothing and symbols would include everything from Christian crucifixes and prayer beads to the Jewish kippah.

Marine le Pen makes controversial decision in desperate fight against ISIS. Marine le Pen makes controversial decision in desperate fight against ISIS (EPA).

Le Pen clarified a “conspicuous” religious symbol is everything from jewelry to coverings – but Catholics need not worry.

Speaking to World News, Le Pen stated, “The Catholic religion doesn’t have conspicuous symbols” and attempted to say Catholicism “invented secularism,” which the French Republic respects.

Continuing her reasons for the ban, she said it will “confront the rise in power and extremely strong pressure of political Islam that uses women and the veil to advance their propositions.”

When asked if religious police would be established to enforce the ban, Le Pen claimed the normal national police force will be responsible to uphold what would become law.

France prides itself on its secularism and is not afraid to impede religious rights.

Please pray for France and its future. No Christian should be forced to hide their faith.

By Kenya Sinclair



  1. Peter Aiello Reply

    At its core, secularism is anti-religion.

  2. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Kenya Sinclair concludes: “No Christian should be forced to hide their faith.” She didn’t say, no “believer” should be forced to hide their faith. It sounds like she is happy to discriminate against other religions. Hostility to the other is modus operandi of Christianity, so this is not unexpected. France has suffered centuries of religious warfare on its soil propagated by both Christianity and Islam. It’s understandable that they have had just about enough of magical, imaginary, invisible beings that live in the sky.
    This is yet another example that we can have religion, or perhaps we can have peace – but we know we can’t have both religion and peace at the same time.

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