Gang Caught stealing from a Parish to Equip ISIS

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A group of eight ISIS members stormed a local Catholic Parish and her School in Cologne of Germany appeared in Court. It was later realized that they were members of the ISIS terrorist group gathering fund, materials and equipment for the their headquarter in Syria.

They broke into churches and stole collection boxes, chalice, and other sacred objects. From the schools they stole laptops and cash. They stole a total sum of $21, 550 worth of cash from both the schools and the church.

The burglaries took place between 2011 and 2014, according to a report from the German broadcast agency Deutsche Welle.



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  1. larry Reply

    The muslim refugees you now take in will be the future terrorists poo f Germany, Europe and the West. They come to the West to escape extreme poverty and get free handouts and then turn around and bite the hand that feeds them. If Islam is so great, why dont they stay in their poverty stricken lands to worship the allah that brings them so much prosperity and peace…..

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