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02 May 2016 Asia-Pacific No comments

Indian bishop released after being kidnapped and assaulted by unknown attackers requesting for money

Bishop Prasad Gallela of Cuddapah was blindfolded, handcuffed and abducted shortly after celebrating Mass A Catholic bishop in southern India was kidnapped and…

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21 Nov 2014 Q&A No comments

Is marrying a relative allowed by the Church?

Full Question Is marrying a relative allowed by the Church? Answer Consanguinity in the direct line (e.g., father-daughter, grandmother-grand…

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20 Aug 2015 Uncategorized No comments

Slovakia ‘will only accept Christian refugees’

Eastern European countries faces EU and UN criticism Slovakia says it will only accept Christian refugees once it takes in Syrians under an EU relocation schem…

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29 Oct 2015 Europe News No comments

Archbishop Tartaglia again on the government over Tax cuts

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, the president of the Scottish Bishops’ Conference who last month attacked the British government with his words calling them “mean …

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03 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

The Vatican must speak on conscientious objection

For as long as anyone can remember, the Vatican has had a special genius for snatching public relations defeat from the jaws of victory. Even by that standard, …

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02 Nov 2016 News Comments (1)

Satanists don’t believe in Satan, says Satanic leader

Lucien Greaves said their priorities were personal autonomy and scientific rationalism Satanism is on the increase – but Satanists don’t actually believe in Sa…

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04 Nov 2016 News Comments (1)

Catholic Church will never ordain women priests, says Pope Francis

Francis discussed the ordination of women, refugees and the Venezuela crisis during his latest in-flight press conference The Catholic Church’s insistence that…

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13 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (7)

I heard that praying after receiving Holy Communion is introverted. Is that true?

Full Question More than once at RCIA, I heard that praying after receiving Holy Communion is introverted. Is that true? Answer Such a statement b…

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21 Sep 2015 Americas News No comments

In Cuba, Pope Francis urges youth to hope and dream for the future

Pope Francis set aside his prepared remarks to respond to the dreams and hopes of young people who spoke to him in Cuba on Sunday evening. “I took notes,” he…

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Global Warming: philosopher suggests we stop having babies

Global warming is real and getting worse. There is no more credible scientific debate on this issue. However, there is plenty of debate over how we should approach the problem. One professor has offered a provocative solution, stop having children.

Set aside all your opinions for a moment. You may believe global warming is a hoax. That’s fine. But imagine how you would choose in the following scenario.

You are responsible for a group of people on a small island. The people have lived on the island for centuries, and they have brought most of the land under cultivation. The trees and animals on this island are dwindling under the pressure of the growing populace. Leaving the island is not an option.

How would you ensure the island remains capable of sustaining your people for generations to come? Would you limit reproduction? Would you ration consumption? Would you do nothing and leave the populace to their future fate?

This is the problem we seem to face today. According to moral philosophy professor and bioethicist Travis Rieder, from Johns Hopkins University, we must either reduce our reproduction or reduce our consumption.

The problem can be expressed in an equation called the “Kaya identity.” The equation expresses the four factors that are critical to understanding the human impact on climate. The variables in this case measure:

How carbon-rich are our fuels?
How much energy do we need to produce our GDP?
What is the GDP per capita?
And what is our population?

Any increase in these four variables will drive up the Kaya identity, exacerbating our climate problem. However, a decrease can improve things.

The tragic fact is that something has to give. We either need to reduce our population or reduce our consumption. Neither possibility is especially attractive. Both options carry substantial political, moral and ethical costs.

However, the third option is to do nothing.

Four centuries ago, the people of Easter Island overpopulated their island. So many people were stuck on the island and needed to eat, they cut down every single tree on the island for food. When the trees were gone, famine resulted. Conflict and cannibalism followed. Eventually the starving survivors made easy pickings for slave traders.

If you were a chief on Easter Island, what would you do? There are no easy -or right answers.

It’s a sobering question, and one we need to answer while there’s still time.

By Marshall Connolly



  1. Eric H. Reply

    We are still very far from the situation the inhabitants of Easter Island found themselves in. Consider the following before taking a non-Catholic approach and turning to the support of contraception and abortion for population control:

    1. The size of Texas is 268,597 square miles. That’s 909,802,502,280 square feet. Given the current world population of 8,000,000,000 roughly, we could place the entire world population in the state of Texas and everyone would have 1137 square feet to themselves.

    2. We currently produce enough food to feed 12,000,000,000 people. Most of it is wasted by first world nations.

    3. There have been some amazing advances in technology over the last few decades. The greatest of which is development in Graphene, which has the potential to make clean drinking water available to the third world nation’s easily and cheaply. Also, it has the potential to completely reshape out power grid.

    4. Trust in God’s providence is a corner stone of our Catholic faith. If God wants more babies, he will provide the means and the way for them to be here and live. The issue of more people isn’t a ‘problem’ for us to ‘solve’.

    5. This world will end in fire. It is temporal and will not last. We should never even consider reducing the world population for the sake of ‘saving the planet’. To sacrifice even one immortal soul for the sake of something temporal goes against the very core of our Catholic faith.

  2. Patrick Gannon Reply

    What an amazing article to find on a Catholic blog site. Obviously the answer is to support contraception, rather than continue to throw kerosene on the fire and then ask people to give you credit for being a fireman, as the RCC does.

  3. Tom Rafferty Reply

    Population control is necessary from a moral standpoint.

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