God makes strange and unbelievable appearance in central Mexico

An unusual “hand-shaped” cloud appeared in the skies of central Mexico earlier this month.

A local man took footage of the rare phenomenon with his cell phone while driving in Michoacan. After uploading the clip to social media, the visual went viral.

The formation resembling a giant arm and hand has left many people confused and debating about the origins of the cloud.

“This looks like a palm of a hand stretching down with the fingers touching. It is like it is a Holy hand,” expressed one comment on the footage by, “Anastacisa.” While another user chimed in and described the scene as, “like a halo.”

Some people exclaim it is God showing himself to Mexico during a time of uncertainty with the Trump administration.

On the opposite side of the explanations are users declaring it resembles a UFO and it is a sign of an alien invasion or “the arrival of evil to the land.”

However, a meteorologist came forward to provide a scientific explanation to a strange situation.

According to the local expert, the shape is a large “vapor mark,” about a kilometer in length.

“This is a stationary lens-shaped cloud that forms in the troposphere, normally perpendicular to the wind direction,” he explained, according to the Daily Star. “The name for this rare type of cloud is a lenticular cloud.”

No matter what you believe the situation to be, it is important to remember that God is a part of our everyday life. Even if he isn’t showing you a sign – he is there.

By Abigail James



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Abigail gives us in large letters: “God makes strange and unbelievable appearance in central Mexico.” She finishes by providing evidence indicating that it’s a natural formation that forms in our atmosphere. She knows that people whose intellect is challenged, will glom onto those headlines and believe them, despite the article concluding that this is a natural phenomenon.
    The Church clearly has no interest in the actual truth; it only cares about belief, even if the belief is complete nonsense. Why even post goofy stuff like this otherwise? It’s like dishing out codein to opioid addicts. People who would believe garbage like the headlines, clearly have “issues,” but rather than try to help them, the Church feeds their disability for its own purposes.

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