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Why It’s Wrong to Force to Offer Gay Dating Services

In a stunning display of judicial overreach, a California judge has ruled that the website is guilty of discrimination because it offers dat…

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29 Jun 2016 Americas Europe Middle East News United Kingdom USA Vatican Comments (4)

SSPX criticise Pope for causing ‘painful confusion’ among faithful

The Society of St Pius X (SSPX) has accused Pope Francis of spreading confusion and errors about the faith. A statement from the traditionalist group suggest…

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US bishops echo Pope's words on sex abuse, accountability

Two committee heads of the U.S. bishops’ conference voiced support for Pope Francis’ statement rejecting the sexual abuse of minors and promising accountability…

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21 Oct 2014 Articles Comments (24)

Early Teachings on Homosexuality

Some people like to think that neither the bible nor tradition condemns the practice of homosexuality. However, passages like Leviticus 18:22-30, 1 Corinthians …

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Flood in Lancaster: Year of Mercy Mass cancelled

The Year of Mercy Mass was cancelled yesterday in the Lancaster Cathedral due to the flood disaster that have rocked the regions of Cumbria and North Lancashire…

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Top 5 Myths About the Papacy

November 5th is traditionally remembered in England as the day that Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the British parliament. It is still common today, to see anti-Ca…

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12 Mar 2016 Middle East News Comments (1)

Coptic Christians in Egypt continue to suffer exceptional abuse and discrimination amid religious intolerance

Christian Copts in Egypt continue to suffer discrimination. The growing religious intolerance in Egypt has resulted in the increased threats and violence agains…

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Catholic lawyer raises legal concerns after Ofsted chief backs gender-neutral school toilets

Neil Addison says schools maybe sued if a crime is committed following the implementation of the policy Catholic schools that voluntarily set up gender-neutral…

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30 Oct 2015 Q&A Comments (1)

Does God forgive you every time you go to confession?

Answer: Yes, But ... Confession like every other sacrament has certain conditions for valid reception attached to them. For instance, before one can receive th…

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Greens ‘don’t want Catholic schools’ in Scotland, says Church education chief ahead of election

Michael McGrath, director of the Scottish Catholic Education Service, said that Green party policy would bring an end to state-funded Catholic education in Scotland

Voting Green in this Thursday’s election for the Scottish parliament is a vote to end Catholic education in the nation, according to the Church’s education chief in Scotland.

Michael McGrath, director of the Scottish Catholic Education Service, said that the Green party policy would bring an end to state-funded Catholic education in Scotland.

Although the policy was left out of the Green manifesto, McGrath accused the Green party of intolerance towards faith schools. “They don’t want Catholic schools and it’s important the electorate know that voting Green means you’re voting to end Catholic schools," he said.

He added: “I would be interested to know what the thinking behind that policy is. It doesn’t seem to be about tolerating other people’s wishes, or allowing parental choices, but instead imposing a one size fits all system contrary to all developments in education all over the world."

In a reference to the party not including the policy in their manifesto he said: “They’re trying to cover their tracks. They should be brave enough to stand behind their policy. They should be transparent about their desire to end Catholic schools."

A spokesman for the Greens said: “The Scottish Greens’ policy remains to move toward an non-denominational education system in Scotland. The focus of this is not to close down schools but for greater integration."


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  1. Barry John Reply

    Of course they dont, Green groups the world over are nothing but Marxists dressed as environmentalists. Only 10% of Greens policies are concerned with the environment, the other 90% deal with ‘social issues’ such as support for gay marriage, LGBTQxyz nonsense, pro abortion, ‘equality’, open border policies, etc. Theyd be at the front line when demanding funding for Islamic schools though.

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