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Aid agencies prepare to help 1.5 million expected to flee Mosul offensive

Up to 13 million Iraqis may need humanitarian aid by the end of 2016 The military offensive to root out ISIS militants from Mosul and surrounding villages will…

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Vatican's Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi pays tribute to David Bowie

Music legend,David Bowie’s death inspired a heartfelt tribute from the President of the Vatican's pontifical council for culture, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi. He…

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What incentive do I have not to sin if I am already in the state of mortal sin?

Full Question It is my understanding that if someone dies in the state of mortal sin he will not go to heaven. What incentive do I have not to sin if I am …

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Polish cardinal dies aged 89

Cardinal Franciszek Macharski, the retired successor to St John Paul II as archbishop of Kraków, died on Tuesday at the age of 89. Just five days before his …

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WYD 2016: ‘Spread message of divine mercy,’ Kraków cardinal says at opening Mass

St John Paul II's former secretary preached to more than 200,000 pilgrims on Tuesday St John Paul II’s former secretary urged young Catholics to share their fa…

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What To Do When a Celebrity Dies Unexpectedly

Two weeks ago I posted the following social media status after learning about the tragic death of Robin Williams: The rules for talking about Robin Williams:…

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When people murder is heaven to blame?

A tragic story has been circulating around the Internet in the last few days about a Canadian man who allegedly murdered three of his relatives and then posted …

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Argentina to have its very first saint: Blessed Jose Gabriel del Rosario Brochero

Pope Francis has facilitated the causes of sainthood for 10 men and women, that list includes Roman Catholic Argentinian priest, Blessed Jose Gabriel del Rosari…

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Would contraception constitute grounds for annulment?

Full Question If a couple is on contraception on their wedding day and are using it for years, could that be grounds for an annulment? Answer Use…

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Guiding Your Friends into the Catholic Church

Wouldn’t you love to have a Catholic Answers apologist sitting right next to you when discussing the Faith with Protestant friends? Here’s the next best thing.

* * *

I would have loved to have had Jimmy Akin as my wingman in discussions with Protestants about Catholicism more times than I can count, but he is usually busy and, last I checked, hadn’t mastered the art of bilocation.

I was sitting at lunch one day with friends: one Catholic, two Protestants, and we were having a series of in-depth discussions about whether Catholicism was true or Protestantism was better. The debate ranged all over: justification, the canon of Scripture, sola scriptura, Bible interpretation, authority, perspicuity, Church Fathers, sacraments, and more.

My Catholic friend, George, asked me after each discussion how I decided to choose one topic over another, or use one argument to rebut a point versus a different one. We were able to talk one on one and I was able to mentor him in apologetics—not just the arguments but also the soft skills, the psychology, and how to connect one topic to another.

The discussion with our Protestant friends continued for months. Each time we gave them something to chew on. Eventually, one became Catholic!

I could sit next to George each week and do this but I couldn’t sit with all the other Catholics who have ever been in a discussion with Protestant friends and family, feeling stumped or confused or scared because the arguments their friends were making sounded so strong. So I decided to write a book that would help do that, and Navigating the Tiber was born.

Connecting the dots

This is the book I would give to any Catholic needing help in understanding Protestantism and helping their Protestant friends fairly consider the Catholic Church. It’s a guidebook that connects all the dots for you so that you can take the helm and confidently lead your Protestant friend into the Church’s arms. It takes you from defending your Faith to going on the offense and leading Protestants into Catholicism.

The Tiber River flows through Rome and has been something of an unruly watercourse in its history with the city. To “cross the Tiber" means to become Catholic.

This metaphor became the book’s overall narrative image. I am helping you navigate the waters of the Tiber with your friend so that they can cross over. There are swift currents, dangerous shoals, hidden rocks, sea serpents, enemy ships, and many more obstacles that they (and you) will face. The book guides you through it all.

How to fish

But a guidebook that simply gives you a fish is of limited usefulness, so instead, the book teaches you how to fish. Take a topic that comes up in Catholic-Protestant discussion like the Crusades. It would take an entire book to cover the Crusades in any depth. In fact, such books exist, and a recent one by historian Steve Weidenkopf is one of the best: The Glory of the Crusades.

So my chapter on handling the Crusades in dialogue with your Protestant friend focuses on the core points you need to know, summarized in just a few pages, while pointing you to Weidenkopf’s book in case you need to go deeper.

Sola scriptura—“the Bible alone"—is a central difference between Protestants and Catholics. I take apart the sola and the scriptura part in a few chapters but then direct you to Dave Armstrong’s handy tome, 100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura, if you need more ammunition or the discussion gets into greater depth.

Several times in the book I give you an answer but then tell you how to search for that answer yourself—what sites to go to, which phrases to Google—in order to find answers to more questions that I don’t cover.

Going deeper

Navigating the Tiber covers the wide spectrum of topics that come up in discussion with Protestants, so for each one I give you a way to go deeper into the waters if need be:

  • Justification: The Drama of Salvation by Jimmy Akin
  • Perspicuity of the Scriptures: The Catholic Controversy by St. Francis de Sales
  • The Church Fathers and Early Church: Handed Down by James Papandrea
  • Conversion and Interesting Protestants: Surprised by Truth by Patrick Madrid
  • The Pope Problem: The Eternal City by Taylor Marshall
  • Marian discussion: Behold Your Mother by Tim Staples
  • The liturgy/Mass: A Biblical Walk Through the Mass by Ed Sri
  • Eternal security/losing salvation: What Must I Do to Be Saved by Marcus Grodi
  • Protestants and Apostasy Theories: The Apostasy That Wasn’t by Rod Bennett
  • The final steps of conversion and afterwards: Filling Our Father’s House by Shaun McAfee

I recommend these and several other books throughout the guide, helping you to know when you need to avail yourself of more information, depending on the particular Protestant you are speaking with and where the discussion is going.

I wrote Navigating the Tiber because I always wanted a book that I could hand to a fellow Catholic who is in dialogue with a Protestant, confident it would give him all that he needed to help his friend cross the Tiber. Now that it is out, I encourage you to put out into the deep for a catch! I’m excited to see how you use it in your discussions with your Protestant friends.

By Devin Rose



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    I suggest Richard Carrier’s book about the Historicity of Jesus. See the evidence and draw your own conclusions.

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