'Gunners Runners': 10-year-old boy donates nearly 600 pairs of shoes to needy kids

One 10-year-old boy realized not all kids get new shoes for school, so he set out to do something about it.
Gunner Robinson’s birthday is August 15 but unlike most boys his age, instead of LEGOS, video games, a new phone or some other engaging high-tech gadget, Gunner asked for shoes to donate to needy kids.
“I’ve always got shoes, like new shoes for school (nice ones), and I want other kids to get them too,” Gunner explained.
When the media got wind of his selfless request, the donation money started pouring in.
Over the past two years, Gunner has donated roughly 600 pairs of name brand shoes to kids who would otherwise wear older, well-worn shoes.
On Saturday Gunner purchased over 30 new pairs of shoes with donation money from the Pender High School’s Class of 1991 and shoe store Shoe Carnival is offering a discount to anyone who mentions “Gunner’s Runners” this weekend.
Gunner’s proud mother Kristi Robinson said, “Words can’t describe how proud we are of him because it was his idea, his doings.”

GunnerGunner’s Runners is responsible for the donation of nearly 600 pairs of shoes (Gunner’s Runner’s/Facebook).

“It just makes me feel better for other kids because they’re getting new shoes for the new school year,” Gunner said innocently, revealing his genuine desire to help, rather than accept recognition.
Donation boxes will be available at Hard Knox Cycles in Wilmington, State Employees’ Credit Union in Burgaw, Bowman’s Seafood in Carolina Beach and Ganey Byrd & Dunn Insurance in Leland.
Every pair of shoes donated in these boxes will be given to a social worker who will then distribute the shoes to needy kids before the beginning of the school year.
Gunner’s Facebook page revealed a humanitarian award certificate presented to Gunner by his school’s chairman and superintendent he received in October last year.
Thank you God, for people like Gunner, who take advantage of opportunities to provide for the people you loved enough to bring into existence. Thank you, Father, for giving young Gunner a heart for your people.

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