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22 Oct 2015 Europe News No comments

Fears grow among Christians in Nepal

Concern about security is growing following the bombing of three churches Fears are growing among Christians in Nepal about their future security, according …

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04 Nov 2016 News No comments

Venezuela opposition scrap protest march in response to Vatican diplomacy

The opposition alliance also tentatively welcomed the release of four jailed activists and agreed to delay a symbolic trial of President Maduro Venezuela’s opp…

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13 Nov 2015 News USA No comments

Bishop Edward Burns: Victims of abuse have helped us see the errors of the past

According to the head of the US Bishops' Committee on Child and Youth Protection Bishop Edward Burns, "Victims of abuse have helped us see the errors of the pas…

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11 Sep 2014 Vatican No comments

Pope Francis to Address European Parliament in Strasbourg

In a statement, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi confirmed that a communiqué issued this morning by the European Parliament was correct, and that Pope…

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18 Apr 2016 United Kingdom No comments

English and Welsh bishops fix a date for their National Eucharistic Congress

England and Wales fixed a date for its first National Eucharistic Congress in more than a dozen years. This week, at the bishops’ conference’s spring meeting…

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14 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Keep faith-based hiring discrimination, religious leaders tell Obama

Seventy supporters of religion-based hiring discrimination urged President Obama Thursday to continue to permit government-funded faith groups to employ people …

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16 Oct 2015 Middle East News No comments

As violence takes over Jerusalem again, a bishop says: we need the Lord’s help

Bishop Shomali says it is painful to see violence return to Jerusalem Auxiliary Bishop William Shomali, Latin Patriarchate chancellor, has said it is painful…

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22 Aug 2016 News No comments

Pro-life campaigners welcome suspension of Marie Stopes services

Inspections at abortion clinics in England have prompted serious concerns about patient welfare Pro-life campaigners have welcomed the suspension of some servi…

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09 Mar 2016 Europe Middle East News No comments

Catholic Aid leader alarms emergence of a new state of emergency due to refugee crisis at Greece-Macedonia border

With a rising number of refugees and migrants, traveling across the Mediterranean Sea to seek safe asylum in Greece, the migrant crisis in Greece is entering a …

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Hasn’t the Church destroyed an entire continent by preaching against condoms for protection from AIDS?

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How can you people look at yourselves in the mirror knowing that you have basically destroyed an entire continent by spreading your message that condoms don’t protect against AIDS. What would God think of that?


First of all, sexual activity outside of marriage is nothing more than usury—people using each others’ bodies for selfish sexual gratification. Only within a permanent and exclusive commitment can sex be the total and unconditional self-giving that it is meant to be. Second, there is a growing body of evidence that condoms in fact have a significant failure rate in the prevention of venereal diseases (including AIDS). Our chastity speakers recently spoke in Michigan to 10,000 students. During each talk, they asked the students what the most common sexually transmitted disease was. Not one of the students knew the answer. It is human papillomavirus (HPV), which is now responsible for the deaths of more women every year than AIDS, because it causes 99 percent of all diagnosed cervical cancer. The media won’t talk about this because the condom is useless in preventing HPV. So much for “safe sex.”

But even if they did succeed in the prevention of disease, we prefer to teach people that the best prevention against such horrific diseases is to be chaste—that is, to act appropriately according to one’s state in life regarding sexual behavior. The promulgation of the idea that condom use protects us is not only deceptive; it encourages a lifestyle that leads to sorrow and perhaps even death.

Had everyone reserved sex until marriage, and if spouses remained faithful, then we would not have an AIDS epidemic. Only a return to a chaste life can stop these diseases or, in the case of those already infected, contain them. Such chastity is within God’s plan for the human race. He designed us. He knows what is best for us in regard to our relationships and our health in mind and body. So we choose to tell the truth: One cannot commit sexual sin and not expect negative consequences. Chastity is the answer.

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