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Jesus apparition in Mexican sky occurred one day before devastating earthquake

It's a major miracle that you've probably never heard of. On Sunday, Oct. 3, 1847, more than 2,000 people in Ocotlán, Mexico saw a perfect image of Jesus Chr…

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21 Oct 2015 News USA Comments (1)

Denver archbishop: Would German bishops side with Henry VIII or Thomas More?

If divorced-and-remarried Catholics should receive communion, as Cardinal Walter Kasper and many of the German bishops suggest, does that mean St. Thomas More a…

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29 Sep 2015 News USA Vatican No comments

Full transcript of Pope Francis' inflight interview from Philadelphia to Rome

In a 47 minute Q&A with journalists on his way back to Rome Pope Francis touched on sensitive topics such as forgiving abusers and conscientious objection, …

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Pope Appoints New Members to Congregation for Causes of Saints

Pope Francis today appointed Cardinal Robert Sarah, president of the Pontifical Council “Cor Unum", and Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, major penitentiary, as members …

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23 Aug 2016 Americas News USA Vatican Comments (6)

Famous atheist believes after miracle at Medjugorje

Randall Sullivan was an atheist, working as a war correspondent in Bosnia. He was also a contributing editor to Rolling Stone magazine. During a visit to Medjug…

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08 Sep 2015 News Vatican Comments (1)

Pope Francis makes Major Changes to Catholic annulment process

In a revamped marriage annulment process Pope Francis has made some significant changes, giving more of a role to the local bishop, dropping automatic appeals, …

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26 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (2)

Is the Catholic Church just as divided as the Protestant denominations?

Full Question How are you Catholics any more doctrinally united or harmonious than we Protestants? You have your radical feminists, hyperconservatives, New…

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04 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (3)

Are children of an annulled marriage considered illegitimate?

Full Question Are children of an annulled marriage considered illegitimate? Answer In his book Annulments and the Catholic Church, canon lawyer E…

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13 May 2016 News No comments

Archbishop says Italy’s civil unions bill is a defeat for democracy and family life

Archbishop Forte said the family was at risk of being taken over by a 'new vision for society' The Italian government’s approval of a bill that grants legal re…

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He Makes All Things New

But in the only actual instance of perfect divinity and perfect humanity united in an historical figure, Christ does not go about dressed as a wizard, and he tries to keep his miracles confidential: “Tell no one.” He “makes all things new” (Revelation 21:5), but he does not make new things. Thus Aquinas wrote: “Grace does not destroy nature, but perfects it.”In the Resurrection, the Lord goes to lengths to show that he is not a ghost, even to eating familiar food. In the Ascension, when he vanishes into what limited language could best describe as a cloud, two men in white soberly ask those whose mouths are agape: “. . . why are you standing there looking at the sky?” (Acts 1:11) For God — whose utterance “Let there be light,” came billions of years before there was anyone to hear it — the Incarnation was, from the perspective of eternity, a holy mystery and not an artificial mystification.

On Pentecost, the apostles are not changed physically. They are changed into moral agents of God’s power. Peter will have to tell Cornelius not to kneel before him because “I am only a man.” Paul and Barnabas will have to disabuse the pagan priest and people of Lystra (in what now is Turkey) of the conceit that they are Hermes and Zeus. A few years before, no one in Capernaum thought that Peter was anything but a fisherman, and a year back no one wanted to sacrifice garlanded oxen to Paul and Barnabas.

Little more than a century after all this, an anonymous writer tried to explain Christians to a man named Diognetus. In one passage he says, “They do not inhabit cities of their own, use a particular way of speaking, nor lead a life marked by any curiosity.” They marry and have children like everyone else, but they do not destroy their offspring, and they share their food, but not their spouses. It is in their ordinary way of life “that they display to us their wonderful and admittedly striking way of life.” For Christians, “every foreign land is like a homeland to them, and every land of their birth is like a land of strangers.” Here is grace at work on their nature: “They exist in the flesh, but they do not live by the flesh. They pass their days on earth, but they are citizens of heaven.”

Stripped of its modern inventions, our culture is very like that in the fresh wake of Pentecost. Human nature is always the same, but grace can transform it without destroying it. Christians today, as back then, “are spoken ill of and yet are justified.” And as Diognetus learned, those who hate them “are unable to give any reason for their hatred.”


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