Healing miracle for blind man who refused to stop praying

A Manhattan man who went bling in 1997 kept the faith and was healed sixteen years later.

Kevin Coughlin suffered a rare genetic condition called Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON)

LHON symptoms begin as a sudden, painless loss of central vision. Unfortunately, there exists no cure for the condition, so Coughlin went to the greatest healer he knew – Jesus Christ.

“I literally say a very thick, impenetrable fog,” Coughlin told 1010 WINS’ John Montone.

He was blind until 2013, when he began to see shadows.

According to CBS, Coughlin stated: “In August of 2013 I saw a reflection of light on my medicine cabinet mirror after not seeing anything for 16 years.”

Two years later, he say the face of his then-guide dog, a black lab named Elias.

Those suffering LHON are unable to see the center of their line of sight. In KevinThose suffering LHON are unable to see the center of their line of sight. In Kevin’s experience, he went completely blind.

“I’m seeing more and more, and Elias hasn’t had his harness on for a year and a half,” Coughlin proudly stated.

“It’s miraculous,” he told PIXX11. “I can see faces and I see lights and shapes.”

When Coughlin’s sight began to suddenly return, doctors were stumped but Coughling shared a diet rich with antioxidants, prayer and meditation all contributed to a healthier lifestyle, peace of mind and the healing of his eyesight.

Elias is not his best friend and they often take walks together around the neighborhood, which is how they met author Traci Medford-Rosow, who is currently working on a book titled “Unblinded, Kevin’s Courageous Battle to Regain his Vision.”

Medford-Rosow stated: “The thing about Kevin [is] nobody, as far as I know, who has had Leber’s has ever regained their central vision.”

When asked how he feels about the miracle, Coughlin responded, “I was someone who always took everything for granted. Now I have so much gratitude and joy.”

By Kenya Sinclair



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    This is a classic ‘god of the gaps’ argument. Something can not yet be explained, therefore “God did it.” Of course the problem with this argument which has been used over and over again throughout the centuries, is that Yahweh gets smaller and smaller every time we do come up with a non-god explanation. Perhaps the supplements helped, perhaps he had a spontaneous cure, perhaps there is something exciting going on that researchers can learn from in order to help other patients.
    I’m still waiting for an amputee to pray back a missing limb. Why does Yahweh hate amputees? It seems he will now cure some cases of blindness, but once again, amputees are denied his grace. Or maybe that’s just above his pay grade, and beyond his capabilities?
    Or maybe there is no Yahweh…

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