Here’s a way to learn more about Mary, Queen of Heaven

A new, epic narrative about the life of Mary, Queen of Heaven has just been released with the hope of drawing individuals closer to the Mother of God during the upcoming 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima.

“We wanted to tell the story of Fatima. But, what the story of Fatima is really is the story of a battle,” Rick Rotondi, Vice President of New Business at Saint Benedict Press, told CNA.

“That battle goes a long way back to the very beginning of the Bible, with enmity with the serpent. It’s a long story and that’s what we are trying to tell: the battle that Our Lady is engaged with in modern times,” he continued.

The new program is titled Queen of Heaven: Mary’s Battle for You and was released by Saint Benedict Press only a few weeks ago. The video series is broken down into eight different segments, in a document-style format and is hosted by Leonardo Defilippis, a Shakespearean actor and founder of St. Luke Productions.

Throughout the segments, over a dozen theological experts such as Tim Staples, Fr. Dominic Legge, Dr. Carrie Gress, and Fr. Chris Alar weigh in on the life of the Mother of God. The videos also take viewers around the country to places like the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the World Apostolate of Fatima Shrine, and the St. John Paul II National Shrine, where parts of the program were filmed.

The program was created for group study in parishes, where individuals can come together and learn more about the Queen of Heaven as a parish. However, individual study is possible through the use of DVDs.

“As you go through the program, you are learning about the richness of the Marian devotions and how to incorporate them in your life. That full experience is reserved for the parishes, but individuals will have access to the DVD content and a book,” Rotondi said.

Rotondi, who is also one of the script writers and developers for the program, noted that the whole series took about nine months to complete, and is a unique program unlike any other.

The release of the series at the beginning of March “was very deliberate,” Rotondi explained, saying that the centenary of Our Lady of Fatima was the driving force behind its debut.

“Seventy-five percent of the content is a study of Mary in the Bible and Mariology, the study of Marian doctrine, and even Our Lady of Lourdes and Guadalupe. Twenty-five percent is Fatima,” Rotondi stated.

Since its release only a few weeks ago, Saint Benedict Press has received positive feedback about the series, and they hope it continues to grow.

“It’s in a number of parishes currently, and we are getting very favorable responses,” Rotondi said.

Moving forward, the material for Queen of Heaven is also going to be available in a Spanish edition this summer, and DVDs will be released later this year. A book will also be published this May.

Rotondi believes that the goal behind this new series is “to have a deeper love of Our Lady,” and he hopes this program will be able to draw individuals closer to the Mother of God.

“Our Lady always brings us to her Son. I think a lot of people who will watch this love our Lord already, but may have not yet considered Our Lady in these ways,” Rotondi said.

“The greatness of Our Lord is also revealed fully when you realize what a beautiful Queen he has.”

By Maggie Maslak



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    It’s good to be the queen! As most Catholics know, Mary had to be a virgin so Jesus wouldn’t be born with original sin which is the result of sex (which is why the Church is so maniacally obsessive about sex). Back in those days they thought the woman grew the man’s seed, but in the 1800s they learned that women provide half the genetic material. Mary’s parents did the naughty deed, so of course they would have passed original sin to Mary, who in turn would have passed it to Jesus, so what to do, what to do!!!

    The Church decided in 1854 (without biblical support) that Mary had been born without original sin. Hallelujah! But wait a cotton picking minute. If Yahweh-Jesus could relieve Mary of that condition, why couldn’t he do that for all of us? Why was it necessary to go through all the rigmarole in which Yahweh impregnated Mary without her consent, in order to be born as himself, so that he could sacrifice himself to himself in a primitive, savage, bloody manner, in order to simply provide a path for removing original sin from the rest of us? (We still have to be baptized, or we go to Hell). Is that the best plan an all-powerful, all-knowing being can come up with? Why can’t he just give us a wink and a nod, like he did for Mary? It seems rather vicious to send billions of people to eternal torment when the cure is a wink and a nod away, as demonstrated in 1854.
    For those who don’t know, Mary, if she existed, did not need to be a virgin. The original Aramaic word in Isaiah, was “almah” which means “maiden.” If the author had wanted to refer to a real virgin, he would have used the word “betulah,” which means a real virgin. When the scriptures were translated to Greek, they incorrectly translated almah to virgin instead of “maiden.” Note Mark, the first author, has no virgin birth. Matthew invented the story after cherry picking old scripture for prophecies; Luke embellished it, and John voted against it, by making no mention of it, though he surely had the earlier gospels in front of him, given he wrote last.

  2. Peter Aiello Reply

    Anything that diverts us from pure faith and trust directly in Christ is a problem.

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