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Full Text of Pope’s address to members of civil authorities and diplomats

Pope Francis was welcomed to Mexico’s National Palace by the Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, his wife, Angelica Rivera, his Cabinet members where the Pon…

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26 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

How do we refute those who say only the Bible's authority is infallible?

Full Question Catholic apologists are doing a fine job refuting those who have a “no authority but the Bible" understanding of sola scriptura. …

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08 Jun 2015 Vatican No comments

Vatican ready to announce decision on Medjugorje, says Pope Francis

Pope Francis has said the Vatican is ready to make an announcement concerning the alleged Marian apparitions in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Congregat…

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30 Mar 2015 Q&A No comments

Did St. Paul really write the epistles?

Full Question I was told that the epistles of St. Paul were not written by him but by amanuenses. If this was actually the case, why are they called Paul's…

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19 Nov 2016 Articles Comments (2)

Now the hard work begins!

For those of us using the Gospel and Catholic social teaching as our voting guide, choosing between the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates was an…

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Concerns, confusion swirl over LGBT group in St. Patrick's parade

New York City, N.Y., Sep 5, 2014 / 11:48 am .- A spokesman for the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade said the inclusion of an LGBT activist group in the tr…

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This Ohio mystic mentored Mother Angelica. Was she a saint?

Rhoda Wise, the mystic visionary and reputed stigmatic and miracle worker who played a key role in the life of Mother Angelica, is now the focus of a diocesan i…

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Augustine’s Confessions and the Harmony of Faith and Reason

The history of Colonial England in America is one of great irony: The same Protestant groups who fled England in pursuit of toleration and religious liberty bro…

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04 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (3)

My cousin is a lesbian living with an another woman. Am I a bigot for feeling uncomfortable around them?

Full Question My cousin is a lesbian living with an another woman. Am I a bigot for feeling uncomfortable around them? Answer By acting out on th…

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Heythrop College principal resigns

The principal of Heythrop College has resigned as the university faces an uncertain future.

Fr Michael Holman SJ has decided to quit his role of principal, citing health reasons as one of many factors and that the four year period that he had been assigned to the college had expired.

Meanwhile, teachers and academics from Heythrop College have written to the press to voice their support for a proposed partnership with Roehampton University in order to protect Heythrop from total closure,scheduled for 2018.

After announcing in June 2015 that it would cease to exist “in its current form, as a constituent college of the University of London", Heythrop was first in discussions with St Mary’s University in Twickenham about a potential merger but the plans fell through.

“I can’t see that much more could have been done," Fr Holman wrote in a letter to former students.

“I am of course disappointed that in my time we have not been able to arrive at a plan that could be agreed by all those who would rightly need to agree it.

“However, my hope is that this will open up new opportunities for what we Jesuits call ‘the intellectual apostolate’ in a form well suited to the mission of the Church and the Society today and to the world of higher education as it now is."

He wrote that he was “very proud of the College and what it stands for", describing it as an “outstanding academic community which fulfils its mission in theology and philosophy with distinction".

Fr Holman added that a new principal would be appointed shortly and that his successor will be tasked with “steering the College through the last two years of its membership of the University of London."

Following reports last week that plans for a potential merger between Heythrop College and Roehampton University might stall, Heythrop members of staff have issued a statement to clarify their support for such a move, saying the closure of the university would be “a tragedy with reverberations on the international stage".

They wrote: “Since the announcement in 2015 that Heythrop could no longer continue as an autonomous college within the University of London, the governors and the Society of Jesus have been committed to finding a way in which its mission and work, including its ecclesiastical faculties within the Bellarmine Institute, will continue in a new form after 2018.

“Eight months of creative and positive discussions with the University of Roehampton have concluded that a merger between both institutes would be financially viable and academically and pastorally fruitful in furthering the Jesuit intellectual apostolate in Britain.

“The Society of Jesus has sought the support of the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster and of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, in order to continue the mission of the college. Staff confidently hope to receive support for a merger that holds so much promise."

It is understood that the sticking point in discussions was the future of the Bellarmine Institute, an ecclesiastical faculty and pontifical institute within Heythrop College serving seminarians preparing for ordination.

Concerns have reportedly circulated about the institute’s Catholicity under the jurisdiction of a non-Catholic university should the merger go ahead.

But staff members said: “We are confident that the Catholicity of the Bellarmine Institute and Heythrop College within the context of the University of Roehampton will be safeguarded by robust governance structures. The content of the ecclesiastical degrees taught and the academic staff teaching in the Bellarmine Institute were approved by the Congregation for Catholic Education in 2013. Any modifications are subject to re-approval by the Congregation."

They continued: “It would be a tragedy with reverberations on the international stage if Heythrop College should be forced to close, despite the development of a financially viable model and an academically rich curriculum to enable its mission and work to continue."

The statement said that the closure would cast doubt on “the credibility of the Catholic Church in England and Wales in fostering and protecting serious academic study of philosophy and theology. Support for the proposed Heythrop-Roehampton partnership is consistent with concerns to safeguard the Catholicity of the education of Catholic clergy and laity in England and Wales."

Heythrop College, set up in 1614 by the Society of Jesus, announced it would not be admitting any more graduates two years ago, citing the challenges of meeting the costs as an autonomous college within the University of London.


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