History of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Fifty years ago the Jehovah’s Witnesses numbered fewer than 100,000. Now there are several million of them around the world. They don’t have churches; they have “Kingdom Halls” instead. Their congregations are uniformly small, usually numbering less than two hundred. Most Witnesses used to be Catholics or Protestants. Let’s look a little at their history, because that will help us understand their unique doctrines.

The sect now known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses was started by Charles Taze Russell, who was born in 1852 and worked in Pittsburgh as a haberdasher. He was raised a Congregationalist, but at the age of seventeen he tried to convert an atheist to Christianity and ended up being converted instead—not to outright atheism, but to agnosticism. Some years later he went to an Adventist meeting, was told that Jesus would be back at any time, and got interested in the Bible.

The leading light of Adventism had been William Miller, a flamboyant preacher who predicted that the world would end in 1843. When it didn’t, he “discovered” an arithmetical error in his eschatological calculations and said it would end in 1844. When his prediction again failed, many people became frustrated and withdrew from the Adventist movement, but a remnant, led by Ellen G. White, went on to form the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

It was this diminished Adventism which influenced Russell, who took the title “Pastor” even though he never got through high school. In 1879, he began the Watch Tower—what would later be known as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, the teaching organ of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. In 1908 he moved its headquarters to Brooklyn, where it has remained ever since.

Before he got his religious career well underway, Russell promoted what he called “miracle wheat,” which he sold at sixty dollars per bushel. He claimed it would grow five times as well as regular wheat. In fact, it grew slightly less well than regular wheat, as was established in court when Russell was sued. Later he marketed a fake cancer cure and what he termed a “millennial bean” (which a wag has said probably got that name because it took a thousand years to sprout).


Unusual Doctrines


Russell taught his followers the non-existence of hell and the annihilation of unsaved people (a doctrine he picked up from the Adventists), the non-existence of the Trinity (he said only the Father, Jehovah, is God), the identification of Jesus with Michael the Archangel, the reduction of the Holy Spirit from a person to a force, the mortality (not immortality) of the soul, and the return of Jesus in 1914.

When 1914 had come and gone, with no Jesus in sight, Russell modified his teachings and claimed Jesus had, in fact, returned to Earth, but that his return was invisible. His visible return would come later, but still very soon. It would result in the final conflict between God and the Devil—the forces of good and the forces of evil—in which God would be victorious. This conflict is known to Witnesses as the battle of Armageddon, and just about everything the Witnesses teach centers around this doctrine.

Russell died in 1916 and was succeeded by “Judge” Joseph R. Rutherford. Rutherford, born in 1869, had been brought up as a Baptist and became the legal adviser to the Watch Tower. He never was a real judge, but took the title because, as an attorney, he substituted at least once for an absent judge.

At one time he claimed Russell was next to Paul as an expounder of the gospel, but later, in an effort to have his writings supplant Russell’s, he let Russell’s books go out of print. It was Rutherford who coined the slogan, “Millions now living will never die.” By it he meant that some people alive in 1914 would still be alive when Armageddon came and the world was restored to a paradise state.

In 1931 he changed the name of the sect to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which he based on Isaiah 43:10 (“‘You are my witnesses,’ is the utterance of Jehovah, ‘even my servant whom I have chosen . . . ,’” New World Translation). As an organizer, he equipped missionaries with portable phonographs, which they took door to door along with records of Rutherford. They didn’t have to say much when they came calling; all they had to do was put on Rutherford’s record. He displayed a marked hatred for Catholicism on his radio program and in the pamphlets he wrote. Later his successors tempered the sect’s anti-Catholicism, but Awake! and The Watchtower still carry anti-Catholic articles every few issues, though the tone tends to be more subtle than the overtly lurid style of Rutherford’s day.

Rutherford said that in 1925 Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the prophets would return to Earth, and for them he prepared a mansion named Beth Sarim in San Diego, California. He moved into this mansion (where he died in 1942) and bought an automobile with which to drive the resurrected patriarchs around. The Watch Tower Society quietly sold Beth Sarim years later to cover up an embarrassing moment in their history, namely another failed prophecy.


Trained to Give Testimonies


Rutherford was succeeded by Nathan Homer Knorr, who was born in 1905 and died in 1977. Knorr joined the movement as a teenager, working his way up through the ranks. He got rid of the phonographs and insisted that the missionaries attend courses and be trained in door-to-door evangelism techniques. The Witnesses now have a reputation as skillful deliverers of “personal testimonies.”

Since the Bible, as preserved through the centuries, did not support the peculiar doctrines of the Witnesses, Knorr chose an anonymous committee to produce the New World Translation, which is used by no sect other than the Witnesses. By means of former Witnesses, the names of the five members of the translation committee eventually came to light. Four of the five members completely lack credentials to qualify them as Bible translators, and the fifth member studied non-biblical Greek for only about two years.

The New World Translation was produced because it buttresses Witnesses’ beliefs through obscure or inaccurate renderings. For example, to prove that Jesus was only a creature, not God, theNew World Translation’s rendering of John 1:1 concludes this way: “and the Word was a god” [italics added]. Every other translation, Catholic and Protestant—not to mention the Greek original—has “and the Word was God.”


What Happened to Armageddon?


Knorr was succeeded as head of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, by Frederick Franz. He had been the Witnesses’ leading theologian, and his services were often called upon. For some years the sect’s magazines had been predicting that Armageddon would occur in 1975. When it didn’t, Franz had to find an explanation.

Witnesses believe that Adam was created in 4026 B.C. and that human beings have been allotted 6000 years of existence until Armageddon and the beginning of the millennium. This figure is based on a “creative week” in which each of six days is equal to 1,000 years, with the Sabbath or seventh day being the beginning of the millennium. Simple arithmetic gives 1975 as the year Armageddon would arrive. Franz explained that Armageddon would actually come 6000 years after Eve’s creation. But when 1975 came and went, the Witnesses had to “adjust” their chronology to cover up a failed prediction. They accomplished this by maintaining that no one knew exactly how long after Adam’s creation Eve came on the scene. Franz said that it was months—even years. Hence he was able to “stretch” the 1975 date to some indeterminate time in the future. In any case, Franz said that Witnesses would just have to wait, knowing the end is right around the corner.

When the final battle does occur—remember, it will be during the lifetime of “millions” of people alive in 1914, which means it can’t be too far off—Jehovah will defeat Satan and the elect will go to heaven to rule with Christ. But, following a literal interpretation of the number mentioned in Revelation, chapters 7 and 14, only 144,000 are among the elect. They will go to heaven as spirit persons (without resurrected bodies). The remaining faithful (Jehovah’s Witnesses), who are known as Jonadabs, will live forever on a renewed, paradise Earth in resurrected bodies. The unsaved will cease to exist at all, having been annihilated by Jehovah.

Franz was succeeded as president of the Watchtower in 1993 by Milton Henschel, who has continued the aggressive evangelization tactics of his predecessors. In 1995 the Watchtower quietly changed one of its major prophetic doctrines. Until this point, they had maintained that the generation alive in 1914 would not pass from the scene until Armageddon occurred. Now that this generation has almost entirely died out—and Armageddon has not occurred and does not seem like it will happen immediately—they had to change their doctrine. Now, the Watchtower says that Armageddon will simply occur “soon,” and it is no longer tied to a particular, literal generation of people.


How They Make Converts


Most religions welcome converts, and the Witnesses’ very reason for existence is to make them. To accomplish this they follow several steps.

First they try to get a copy of one of their magazines into the hands of a prospective convert. They lead off with a question designed to tap into universal concerns such as, “How would you like to live in a world without sickness, war, poverty, or any other problem?” If the prospect is willing to speak with them, they arrange what’s known as a “back call”—that is, they return in a week or so for more discussions. This can be kept up indefinitely.

At some point the missionaries invite the prospect to a Bible study. This is not the usual sort of Bible study, where passages are examined in light of context, original word meaning, relevance to other verses in Scripture, etc. Instead, this “Bible study” is really an exposition of Witness doctrine by means of Watchtower literature. Simple questions are presented in the literature which are derived directly from the text. The answers, therefore, are readily discernible, making the prospective convert feel spiritually astute, since he or she can answer all the questions “correctly.” The Bible study is directed along lines mandated by the officials in Brooklyn, and the prospect is there to learn, not to teach. If he progresses well, he’s invited to a larger Bible study, which may be held at a Kingdom Hall.

About this time he’s invited to attend a Sunday service. At the Kingdom Hall, which resembles not so much a church but a small lecture hall, the prospect hears a Witness discuss a few verses of Scripture and how those verses can be explained to non-Witnesses or how to “refute” standard Christian doctrines such as the Trinity, hell, the immortality of the soul, etc. The service includes taped music to accompany the singing of hymns, and there is always time allotted for obtaining Watchtower literature and publications.


Sharing Techniques


The prospective convert gets still more of this if he proceeds to the next step, which consists of going to meetings on Wednesday or Thursday nights. At those meetings Witnesses trade stories, explaining how they’ve done that week in going door to door, giving advice to one another, figuring out better ways to get the message across, and logging their hours. (Every month each Kingdom Hall mails to the headquarters in Brooklyn a detailed log of activities, including hours spent “witnessing” door-to-door, the number of converts made, and the number of pieces of literature distributed.)

If the prospect goes through all these steps, he’s ready for admission to the sect. That involves baptism by immersion and agreeing to work actively as a missionary. Many missionaries take only part-time jobs so they can devote more time to their evangelization. Witnesses will typically spend 60-100 hours each month in their evangelizing work. Some will even go so far as to work full time for the WTS, receiving little more than room and board for their efforts.


Life as a Witness


Although not every Witness can put in so many hours, every Witness is expected to do what he can by way of missionary work. There is no separate, ordained ministry as is found in Protestant churches. Their sect operates no hospitals, sanitariums, orphanages, schools, colleges, or social welfare agencies. From their perspective it will all disappear in a few years anyway, so they don’t expend their energies in these areas.

Jehovah’s Witnesses live under a strict regimen. They may be “disfellowshipped” for a variety of reasons, such as attending a Catholic or Protestant church or receiving a blood transfusion. Disfellowshipping is the sect’s equivalent of excommunication, though somewhat more harsh. A disfellow-
shipped Witness may attend Kingdom Hall, but he is not allowed to speak to anyone, and no one may speak to him. The others are to act as though he no longer exists. This applies even to his family, who may only communicate with him as much as absolutely necessary.

They recognize the legitimacy of no governmental authority, since they believe all earthly authority is of Satan. They will not serve in the military, salute the flag, say the Pledge of Allegiance, vote, run for office, or serve as officials of labor unions.

No matter how peculiar their doctrines, they deserve to be complimented on their determination and single-minded zeal. However, as Paul might have said concerning them, “I can testify about them that they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge” (Rom. 10:2, NIV).


  1. Chrysogonus Yilzak Reply

    Thanks for the knowledge. Really appreciate.

    1. Martin Rooney Reply

      The Catholic Church formed the Bible in 397ad. In the last 500 years many different man made religions have changed parts of he Bible to suit their own criteria. The Jehovah’s witnesses have done likewise .
      They are very misguided in their beliefs.

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    1. jundy Reply

      Did Jesus pray himself?if he is God why he died.?.is Satan have power to bring God to test?brainless!!!read the bible and understand..Don’t just listen and believe to those idiot arounds u and not try to find the truth by ur self..

  3. Dolly McCumpsey-Stamper Reply

    Thank You for puting this information up. I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and it has crippled me spiritually my entire life. I was Disfellowshipped because I forgave my husband, and tried to make our marriage work after he committed adultery… We later divorced because he continued to be unfaithful and became abusive… I became a Carholic in my thirties and am now married to a wonderful Catholic man. But I still struggle with the brainwashing I received as a member of the JW cult..

    1. ij Reply

      May Jehovah forgive u my dear sister for speaking dis way. Only time will unfold what God holds for everyone.

      1. Gottlieb Gottlob Reply

        Oh halt die fiese Fresse

      2. Rhonda Lucille Reply

        Dolly, you certainly could have divorced your unfaithful spouse and been spiritualIy supported. I’m sure you left for some other reason. Disfellowshipping is very painful for all of us, it does, however, keep the congregation free from corruption. It is only when someone is unrepentant that they are not allowed to return. I have to say that it’s something that I completely appreciate. I feel confident that in the congregation I’m among people I can trust. I was raised Catholic, catechism and all and I was never taught what the BIBLE says. I studied for years with Jehovah’s witnesses, never pressured, stopped and started again and was baptized 1 year ago after proving to myself that there is no other source of truth from the bible. Find out for yourselves at JW.org. (2Corinthians13:5 Keep testing whether you are in the faith, keep proving what you yourselves are.)

    2. Vance Reply

      Dolly, I agree agree with you. I too was raised JW and left when I was 17. Most of my family are still JW but it never is a problem with me being Catholic. I respect them and their beliefs but pray for their misguided souls.

      And IJ, she needs no forgiveness for speaking the truth. Open your eyes and quit listening to misguided fanatic propaganda. …lol. Peace Be With You.

      1. Maurice Reply

        Thank-you Vance.

    3. Maria Reply

      I will keep you in prayer Dolly

    4. matt Reply

      I used to be a jw also. Here’s my experience. Deathorobedience.blogspot.com

      1. Rica Reply

        I read some of the article you post. But can you explain why JW hate or don’t want to celebrate Christmas, birthdays or Easter?

        1. Clement Anthony Reply

          Hi… I once happened to be raised in JW.. But i Dint give them a chance and remained a catholic.. Anyways I want to clarify your (Q) Why do JW doesn’t celebrate Christmas, Birthdays And Easter.
          1, Firstly I want to tell why they don’t celebrate Christmas. They believe that Jesus and Michael The Arch Angel are one.There is no proof that Jesus was born on December 25; his birth date is not recorded in the Bible and they even say that Jesus was born somewhere in the month of October But, unfortunately even that is not recorded in the Bible. But we Catholics believe that Christmas is not approved by God because it is rooted in pagan customs and rites.—2 Corinthians 6:17.
          2, Birthdays- They say that in Bible only two Birthdays were recorded & Celebrated, Pharaoh’s & King Herod’s Unfortunately there was an un-auspicious misfortune Happened on both the birthdays. On Pharaoh’s Birthday the Head of the Baker was beheaded Nd on King Herod’s Birthday John the Baptist was beheaded so that’s how they don’t celebrate Birthdays but for the records it was a coincidence.
          3, They don’t celebrate Easter its simple when they don’t believe in Christmas so they don’t Believe in the Resurrection (Easter). They only Believe and celebrate the Passover on Maundy Thursday….

          1. Michael

            Clement you forgot to mention:

            I John 5:7 where the trinity …it is clearly mentioned

            I Peter 57:22 where christians are commanded to celebrate christmas ..

            Revelation 97:6 we are commanded to celebrate easter

            John 88:9 we are commanded to celebrate birthdays…

            Any Greek or Hebrew Scholar will verify these things…

            It’s all biblical … Not some Insane Church Traditions Made Up By Demons…

            and these fanatics just don’t see it…

      2. edith Reply

        You didn’t have the spiritual qualities that the Apostle Paul spoke about in Galatians Chapter 5. If you had, you would see what God can do to help you as mentioned in 1Cor. 10: 13 & Ps. 34: 8.

    5. kevin Reply

      God bless you.Amen..keep the Faith.JESUS CHRIST IS NOT JUST GOD,BUT EVERYTHING..Pray for your struggles from your past…JESUS can do it:)

      1. dan Reply

        Martin Rooney who was The Inquisition who kill innocently peoples all around The World? not Catholics? are they real and Genuine Christians by doing that ? do you ever been into a Jehovah’s Witness Meeting to see how they behavior? come to you real senses then you can talk about it if you are real man let me know please

    6. Michael Lewis Reply

      Thank you, Dolly. I was also raised as a JW, although my father abandoned that cult when I was 17, after my elder sister “escape” through marriage and my younger brother “escaped” via jail. It turned out that he, apart from being a wife-beater and child-beater and sexual abuser) USED the JWs so he did not have to acknowledge Christmas or birthdays, or in any way acknowledge anyone else other than himself. Like you, I have had, and I still struggle with issues both from the JWs and from the SOB who raised me.

    7. Josi Reply

      Dolly, in our Catholic faith, God teaches us to forgive the worst. Dolly you did the right thing in forgiving the man that hurt you.

      I pray that the forgiveness remains within you always. I am so happy for you to have found a good Catholic man that obviously loves you and you him.

      Praise God that you were disfellowed by them and set free because you obeyed your Fathers word and forgave the man that hurt you.

      To forgive does not always mean to place yourself in the same situation that continues to cause you pain. Part of forgiveness means that don’t have any ill feelings towards this person nor wish them harm but you continue to pray for their conversion. You gave this man a chance and he will answer to God as to why he abused it. Pray for him. Be kind and trust in God’s mercy and love.

      Always pray and trust that your soul will heal from the trauma that this group has caused. And I will continue to pray for you too… God bless you Dolly 😀

    8. dan Reply

      u sure you say the Truth ? Witnesses doesn’t not Disfellowshipped somebody just like that better tell us the naked truth instant of lie to us

      1. irg1978 Reply

        Dan, can you prove that JW’s are not disfellowshipped “just like that”? I know of several who were disfellowshipped and did not even attend a judicial committee.

        1. Donnie Reply

          Propaganda lies about jehovahs people , the Romans called the first century Christians a sect (cult) and prosecuted them for following and obeying Jesus teaching . Romans under Constantine started the Roman Catholic Church where pagan apostasy teachings perverted the teaching of Christ , Jesus said all will know his disciples by the love they have among themselves , they are condemned for teaching bible truths and the laity of Catholics have spearheaded this propaganda from day one…. And Michaels reply back in 2014 mentioning scripture that does not even exist

  4. Gertrude Morrissey Reply

    I do not like the tenor of this piece. We may not agree with the teachings of Jehovah's Witness, indeed, what Catholic can? But this article is written in a pejorative and sarcastically critical way. It is definitely not kind and therefore unworthy of a Catholic site. Badly done.

    1. Vance Reply

      Dolly, I agree agree with you. I too was raised JW and left when I was 17. Most of my family are still JW but it never is a problem with me being Catholic. I respect them and their beliefs but pray for their misguided souls.

    2. Vance Reply

      Dolly, I agree agree with you. I too was raised JW and left when I was 17. Most of my family are still JW but it never is a problem with me being Catholic. I respect them and their beliefs but pray for their misguided souls. IJ….she doesn't need to apologize for the truth. Open your eyes my friend.
      Gertrude….I think you read another article…lol. This piece nails it. I've experienced it.

    3. Gayle Castro Reply

      Gertrude Morrissey, I agree. I had to double check the url to see if I was really on catholicsay.com. The tone isn’t nice.

    4. Cynthia Reply

      Sarcasm or not the article is truthful and nothing it says is false. I was born into the Jehovah’s Witness religion, baptized at age 17 and left in 2006. So I know exactly what goes on in there. You should read their magazines, especially the old ones on how they express the disdain against other religions, especially the Catholic religion whom they used to call a “whore” mentioned in the book of Revelation. The magazines they distribute out in the field now do not come close to the version they use now at their Sunday meetings. It is all a farce to get people attracted to them. Be more informed before you try to analyze this article as critical. Speak with former Witnesses and they’ll tell you the article is true and more.

      1. Rica Reply

        Can you explain why JW don’t want to celebrate christmas, birthdays and holy week?

        1. matt Reply

          Hi Rica, the reason they don’t celebrate birthdays is because they say some bad things happened in the bible at birthday parties, such as people being beheaded… Also they say it’s giving undue honour to celebrate a birthday, but strangely not wedding anniversaries? The rightly state that Christmas isn’t really of Christian origin and believe it’s therefore wrong to celebrate it. However in today’s world it’s not really such a big deal, I do Christmas and I’m an atheist!

    5. mikemcg58 Reply

      Gertrude, I am neither Catholic nor JW, but what did you find pejorative and sarcastic? I felt it was a very straightforward and accurate article. I also has done a great deal of research on the JWs and Mormons. Virtually every JW I have ever talked to was either a former Catholic or former Southern Baptist. One was Church of Christ and one was Jewish. I did notice in the JW material that it was very anti-Catholic.

      I did not find anything unkind in the post above. What seemed unkind to you?

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  6. Mary Reply

    Biblically it is ok to get married, not getting married doesn’t make you any closer or farther from God.

    Genesis 2:24 “Haven’t you read, he replied, that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female, and said, For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh? ”

    Proverbs 19:14 – Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the LORD.

    1 Corinthians 7:8-9 I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, it is good for them if they abide even as I. But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn. (burn sexually; in other words if you can’t control yourself sexually)

    1 timothy 1:4 Nor to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies, which promote speculations rather than the stewardship from God that is by faith.

    Actually Bible says that the minister should be husband of one wife. (1 Timothy 3:2 ).

  7. Tony Oquendo Reply

    Actually, being a former Jehovah’s Witness for the better of 23 years, I found the information to be very accurate, making no assumptions and I do not see at all where sarcasm was used. My brother is an Elder (equivalent to a Priest I suppose) and most of my family are still active JW’s so I speak from a position of knowledge.

  8. petra lockwood Reply

    I am Catholic. When my son was struggling with his grades in middle school and didn't know what to do for him, I started praying for help. One afternoon, while I was praying and my son was in his bedroom, the doorbell rang. It was two Jehovah Witness ladies. My first reaction was "Oh No"! Then I thought-I have been praying, maybe God sent them, so I welcomed them in. I told them why I had let them in and they were very nice! They spoke with my son, just saying that he was blessed to live in a loving home. We then shared some scriptures and they left. My son
    thought I had called these ladies to come and speak to him. I told him no I hadn't, but I had been praying for help so I let them in. My son did better after that and ended up with a good school year. The ladies came to see me every few months just to check up on us and I was happy to tell them we were doing really fine and I really appreciated their concern and their prayers. They have never tried to convert me, but have always been very sweet. So my whole perspective on Jehovah Witnesses has changed and they are always welcome. I think they have a very difficult job and I am happy that I don't have to resent their appearance at my door.

    1. Gladys Reply

      I am one of Jehovah’s witnesses. The doctrines you speak of are God’s and are in his holy word the Bible. Proclaiming God’s word in no way make us a cult. Observe that God’s Holy Spirit is with his Organization.

      1. matt Reply

        All religions are cults including jws. I was one. Plus the bible is full of nonsense mixed in with real people and history. Not to be used as a guide.

    2. three Reply

      Hi Miss Lockwood, maybe it is the lady you admired, not the sect. the way she talked to your son.

    3. carly Reply

      Little by little you will be end up converting to them. Be strong with your faith as a catholic. They get people who has weak faith in their religion . I’m telling you, you will be with them soon. Good luck. Rosary is the powerful weapon of all, Rosary is all about the life of Jesus from annunciation till the time he did on the cross for us. When we say Hail Mary, it open the gates of heaven for us sinners. I would never, ever change my faith. They don’t want to celebrate Christmas which all the people around the world that Christmas is the important day for us christian. It is not only the birth of Christ but it is the time of sharing, giving, loving… JW is a cult. I always throw them out when they step in my property. They annoyed me..

  9. Mary Reply

    Thank you soooo much for the informations I learned.Now I feel so enlightened thru the Holy Spirit. Thank you.
    This is very important to me.
    My husband is a JW and I am devout catholic and my children.
    We agreed to respect each others faith, and practices.
    Yes Based on my experience as a wife of a JW it’s true the information is accurate.
    But, we live harmoniuosly,but not completely what We Want to.We have 3 children.
    There’s something missing in the puzzle that we can’t connect.
    But we thank God every second for our family and we love each other.
    Thank you God.

    1. Petie Reply

      Hi Mary, One of the things that is so awesome about our Catholic faith is that we are “allowed” to respect all religions, because it is part of being loving and non-judgemental. (Love your neighbor). Maybe that is why we have so many martyrs. We are commanded to Love God and our neighbor. If we do those two things, we don’t have to worry about anything else! Loving people are truly free-even in death for our faith. The thing that always bothered me about some religions I encountered growing up is the push to convert you to be part of their Church, like there was this competition going on for the most members and the most money collected. Catholics just want to bring people to Jesus. Best wishes Mary! You and your husband are doing well to be living in respect for each other’s faith. Your children hopefully will get the same respect from you and your husband as they grow up and make their own faith decisions. God Bless you and your family!

  10. oremus Reply

    Thanks for the information

  11. Glen Reply

    My cousin is a JW. She had abandoned her Catholic faith many years ago. We got into heated arguments over religion. She would tell me all priest are pedophiles and nasty and the pope works with the devil. needless to say I don't have a high opinion of JW's

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  13. carolina Reply

    A lot of great information!! Thank you! I hate the fact that they tend to argue with me when they come to my door step.

  14. carly Reply

    My sister converted to JW years ago and so all her children and husband converted too. We are all born catholic but now we are separated because of our religious belief. JW had a lot of prohibited in their religion, they can’t celebrate birthdays, christmas, holy week which is important days in our life as a catholic. I feel sorry for my sister, my nieces and nephew, and my brother in law and still hoping they’ll come back again in catholic, true religion. They knew they cannot get me how good and long their explanation about their religion.

  15. Ben Reply

    Truth can be cruel sometimes. Its a written fact, its all up to us on how to accept it. Thanks for the info.

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  17. charlie Reply

    Jehovah’s witness and catholic are there all not God’s organization? I don’t just read; I peak points! Going back to our reading; their said, ( most of the members of Jehovah’s witness are from catholic) go into churches today and see businesses which can never happen inside Jehovah’s witness. Were all catholic, then put yourself into a poor family and your father died owing a due of one $1? Then you get a road side pastor to bless the grave. Please please please, let’s go to any church of our choices and scandals aside. Our church leaders have more than questions to answer to God.

  18. sandra Reply

    I have a wonderful JW lady come to my house every few months just to leave me the pamphlet and to see how I am doing…when she started to come in the beginning I immediately told her that I was Catholic and would not convert, but did let her know that she was welcomed to come see me anytime she wanted…and she respected that. What ever her belief is I respect her as a person because she is a child of GOD.

  19. Juliet Reply

    God bless you for this wonderful massage

  20. Maria Luisa Hernandez Reply

    I alway wondered about JW, I’m Catholic, but thank you for enlightened me of how this religion came about, very interesting, it just saddened me they don’t accept our Lord Jesus Christ, may He bless us all. Amen.

  21. RJM Reply

    Great article. Very informative. Thanks!

  22. Misty Reply

    I was 8yrs old when my mother had a nervous break down and was very influenced with anything in the world of religion and is still one to this day and i am 40 now. I never converted to being a JW and have remained Catholic and have raised my children Catholic, I do respect my mother’s beliefs. It has always been hard and emotional for me and my sister and brother’s during the holidays and explaining to our children why their grandmother doesn’t have Christmas and other holidays. Even though she may not celebrate the holidays we do have meals on or after them and our children do receive a present but she will always say it’s just because but we all know that it is her way of celebrating in her own way without saying it, our dad never converted but he doesn’t go to mass or practice the Catholic faith since she became a JW but always makes it a point to tell us kids happy birthday and ect. There was a time when I was growing up mostly in my teen years that she was so wrapped up in the religion that she was out of control and this pushed me away and leave home and not have anything to do with her for a couple of years, I think by this happening it made her realize that there could be a happy medium between family and her faith. I will never understand, nor will I ever become a witness and i pray that someday my mother will pull completely away from the JW she has over the years not be so intense and has lightened up even to the point of when someone has passed in our family and the funeral be at the church or with my children being in catholic school go to their school activities at the “catholic school and church” for her grand children and that has been a true blessing for us. There is so much more about Jehovah Witness then we will ever understand and I’m not saying in a good way but all we can do is pray for them and respect that this is for the most part their decision but it’s like any cult once they get a hold of you and in control of your mind it is truly a lot harder for them to pull away or leave what they have been told is the true religion.

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  24. Gil Tulipas Reply

    Faith is important in every perspective in life. Religion is not a trial and error when choosing which of the many religious congregations we knew holds true and had spiritual salvation as each one is claiming. Basing the bible, we have Old Testament, New Testament and the Apocalypses which accordingly, the prologue of the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. For the reader to be aware of in reading and giving reflections in every verses we read, we must identify the existence of these books written in the bible.

    The Old Testament are the history of the Ministry of God the Father as the First Persons of the Tri-uni God, and the New Testaments are books compiled as history of the Second Person in His ministry as Our Lord Jesus Christ. Both of these two churches had already gone their ministries-finished, Each one of these persons of God ministries found their faith and Churches for the faithful. And in our time today is the time of the Holy Spirit, in His ministry as the third person of the Tri-uni God, which also has its own faith and church is founded for the faithful, which most of His deeds in His Ministry as the Holy Spirit can be read at the Apocalypses.

    Proselyting is rampant in many places, claiming each group of congregation that they are the genuine religion that each claim and profess. I do not believed that all be saved irregardless of the church congregation each member belongs. God had given each one enough knowledge, know-how and wisdom to know and guide towards each spiritual salvation. But which among these religious beliefs will lead us towards true salvation? No doubt for Christian Catholic as they are headed by Christ would give all faithful a clearer view that salvation as claimed by our Lord Jesus Christ would all be the heir of all the spiritual treasures in heaven prepared by God. We should used our wisdom that the religion we belong as member would gives us spiritual salvation, as God is always ready to accept us when time we discerned the salvation of God.There is no repentance after this life. Godbless!!!

  25. k Reply

    If I wanted knowledge of JW’s why not ask them? Then go to a source that has negative and wrong info? That is stupid!

  26. Viviana Reply

    I have a problem with any religion that says he loves GOD whom he can’t see but judges his brother whom he can see. It does not equate. I was raised JW the brainwashing destroyed my life by living in fear even now everyday believing I was going to die.by the hands of GOD. Yet we know that GOD is love. A religion that teaches you to disown your family because we all fall short of perfection is an occult. God is a God of love God does not judge us but loves us unconditionally. It has taken me years and even today to re adjust thinking to believing and knowing that GOD is all there is there is one life that life is God and that life is my life now. And So it Is . amen.

  27. José Reply

    Well,I read their articule but is very treaky because is a half truth.If the Jehova ‘s Witnesses have mistakes you do not give prooves with the bible only use blablabla…Beside,everybody whom goes to the kindom hall is free to take his or her own life.

  28. ogheneovo S. Reply

    Jehovah’s Witnes is a cult, may the Almighty God deliver them from thier ignorance

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  30. michael Reply

    To some of you who says Jehovah’s witnesses are a cult or very misguided go to the kingdom hall first and to different churches so you can compare the teachings side by side. Use the bible that this article says that the witnesses use exclusively and use other churches bible to compare them. I was raised as a witness for but I had to find my own truth and this is what I did.after listening to different teachings,I have found that no religion is perfect.most of what the witnesses says makes sense but not all are convincing.

  31. Geezy Reply

    Do not derive your own meaning of the Bible for that was why Jesus was critical of the pharisees. They used their human knowledge to decipher the Bible to suit their lifestyle.

  32. Andrew Graham Reply

    Is Jesus God?

    2 Cor 1:3; Eph 1:3; Heb 1:9; 1 Pet 1:3; Rev 3:12, 14!

  33. Andrew Graham Reply

    I was raised both Catholic and Protestant for over 20 years, now a JW, I can see matters from both sides, that gives me a unique perspective, that others may not have; the Catholic side on here and what some say, are half truths, I raised the question, as an opener, as someone said that Jesus was God:

    Is Jesus God?

    2 Cor 1:3; Eph 1:3; Heb 1:9; 1 Pet 1:3; Rev 3:12, 14!

    I will not be surprised if the moderator(s) do not let the above through in order for there to be impartial and fair discussion!
    Someone above mentioned that they did not know certain things about JWs, such came from a JW background, but there are matters that Catholics are not told by their hierarchy, works both ways!!!

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  35. dongszkie Reply

    I was born and raised up a catholic by a devout catholic parents. I aspired to be a catholic priest,being encouraged by my parents,my mentor priest,my cousin priest and my catholic nun sisters. .During high school, while preparing for seminary life, I was confronted by a classmate who happened to be a member of a denomination known as the CHURCH OF CHRIST..To defend my catholic faith I took his challenge for me read the Bible. After reading the NEW TESTAMENT of the catholic Bible at the church library where I served as an altar boy I felt aghast of what I read there, and started reading the OLD TESTAMENT while beginning to distanced myself from the catholic religion of my parents. I spent 3 years shopping and comparing notes with different christian groups available, having read the whole Bible twice already–the DOUAY VERSION and the KING JAMES BIBLE VERSION. Then associated with the Seventh-Day Adventist for a over a year, but not babtized member, then went along with the Herbert Armstrong group for almost a year as an unbabtized associate also. After 7 years of running free into different groups of christians I met the JWs accepted and read a lot of their literatures and magazines. After two years scrutiny and comparison I’VE FOUND THEIR UNDERSTANDING AND INTERPRETATION of the Bible MORE REASONABLE than any group of christians. I am not brainwashed, I am not deluded, I see it in my own copy of the Bible that theirs IS THE MOST REASONABLE, with a ring of truth when we allow only the Bible to speak, not human speculation. AFTER 10 years of comparing I decided to joind the group. I AM NOW A JW.,I am not afraid, I am not ashame to claim as one of them.

    1. carly Reply

      You are a cradle catholic, no matter how many priest or nun in your family if your faith is strong you will not convert and will hold strong of your religion. So Jw simple explanation to you is far better than the teaching from your mentor priest, cousin priest and all the nuns in your family… You are not a strong catholic in faith.

  36. Diyosa Reply

    I am married to a JW still an understudy. I am a Catholic, a devout one because of my devotion to the Blessed Mother. His family and relatives are JW and of course they will try to lure me to sit in one of their Bible studies but every time they do that I silently pray to the Blessed Mother to spare and protect me. I won the battle because they (even my husband) stopped eventually. Sorry but I don’t believe in their doctrines. I was born and raise a Catholic and I will die a Catholic. No one in my family has ever been converted to any other Religion. We have a strong Faith and belief in our Catholic Religion. No matter what they say against our Faith, I don’t care because what matters to me is the Blessed Sacrament.

    1. carly Reply

      God bless you sister in Christ. Yap thats true only people who is weak in their catholic faith will be taken by Jehovah and other religion. Our Blessed Mother protect you and your family always. Don’t forget to pray your rosary, it help a lot. God bless..

      1. dan Reply

        ya ma catholic peoples they are very good and specially with inquisition when they murdered many’s peoples innocently and now to bless theme while they go to war wooow good faith is catholic

  37. Vânia Lourenço Reply

    Excommunication is biblical. Paul was very clear in 1 Corinthians 5:11-13. This is done, however, to steer the person back into the right path. Jehovah disciplines us just as a parent does with his children, out of love, not because he wants to set up unnecessary arbitrary restrictions. About John 1:1, you lied! The New World Translation isn’t the only bible that rendered that verse as “a god”. Anyone who regularly reads the Bible knows for a fact that Jesus is not God. Read John chapter 17!! Maybe more articles should be posted on here about the history of the Church and its war against God’s word. How many Bibles were burnt along with their readers throughout history? Alive, nonetheless… We’re not about hating religion at all as was stated in that article, we hate religious hypocrisy and deceit, and we follow Jesus’ example when we vow to expose it. That’s what we do. Stop worshipping graven images and turn to the One true God who gave his Son’s life for each and everyone of you. May Jehovah open your hearts to the truth.

    1. Matt barrie Reply

      Slavery, incest and genocide are also Biblical. Let’s do those things too. Also the new world translation is full of misrepresentation and deliberate misrenderings purely to either support jw doctrine or discredit doctrines that other religions hold. Believe me, I was a jehovah’s witness and I studied the Greek in detail. As for deceit and hypocrisy, Jehovah’s Witnesses are masters of both. If anyone wishes I’ll post some of them. There’s no point in comparing the history of religions as in my opinion they are all flawed.

      1. letusreason Reply

        “About John 1:1, you lied! The New […]”

        ” Also the new world translation is full of misrepresentation and deliberate misrenderings purely to either support jw doctrine or discredit doctrines that other religions hold. Believe me, I was a jehovah’s witness and I studied the Greek in detail.”


        Studied in detail, I don’t think so, I’s be interested to fine out if you were disfellowshipped for apostasy!

        I wish I had a £1 for every time I have had to answer the above

        Rather odd, making a brief statement (above) but forward no proof, therefore, summarily dismissed!

        Here is one for free:

        Re: john 1:1; Trinitarians are Modalists by default, as the assimilate the God clauses in John 1:!, assimilating God in clause C with God in clause B.

        Let’s see how you handle this!

  38. Vânia Lourenço Reply

    Slavery was implemented by the social and economic system of those times, it was a common practice of the Roman Empire, it wasn’t God’s idea, Matt. Remember the Bible is a historical book as well. Just because something is written in it doesn’t mean that God condoned it. Slave was more of a term for worker snd the type of slavery mentioned in the Bible wasn’t the oppressive kind of slavery most think. Leviticus 25:39, 40 says: “In case your brother grows poor alongside you and he has to sell himself to you, you must not use him as a worker in slavish service. He should prove to be with you like a hired laborer, like a settler.”

    Those people received wages, they had the option to be released or to continue to serve after the sixth year of service, read Exodus 21:2. They weren’t doing that against their will. And the law demanded that every slave should be released every fifty years regardless of how long the individual had served, it’s in Leviticus 25:40,41. And when released their master or boss was required to be generous toward them. Deuteronomy 15:13,14 says: “In case you should send him out from you as one set free, you’re not to send him out empty handed.” Masters and slaves were admonished to love one another as spiritual brothers. Colossians 4:1 says: “You masters, treat your slaves in a righteous and fair way, knowing that you also have a Master in heaven.”

    I hope you come to your senses and come back to Jehovah, I really do. Do you really want to go down with satan? It’s all up to you.

    1. Matt barrie Reply

      I notice vania that you focused purely on slavery whilst ignoring genocide. God or jehovah is a genocidal murderer. Are you really saying that genocide including the murder of children is morally acceptable? The idea that God is allowed because he’s the creator doesn’t cut it. No one has the right to murder children or wipe out races. Also the bible is full of immoral actions that people today would abhor, yet god tolerated it. Why? Because it’s all stories and there is no god of any denomination.

  39. So So Reply

    People who are weak in their Faith convert easily. People who are troubled also keep changing faith looking for answers. The Roman Catholic Church is complete,in a class of it’s own and in no competition with no one. Even with over 1.2Billion followers there is still need for continued Evangelism and missionary work.
    Thanks for the information.

    1. doyoureason Reply

      “People who are weak in their Faith convert easily. People who are troubled also keep changing faith looking for answers. The Roman Catholic Church is complete, in a class of it’s own and in no competition with no one. Even with over 1.2Billion followers there is still need for continued Evangelism and missionary work.”


      This is wishful thinking!

      Jehovah’s Witnesses are the second largest religious denomination in in Italy, nearing quarter of a million, the CC is worried, because of the great success JWs have in Italy and in other nations also, JWs produce more bible literature in 6 months, that the Catholic Church and all the other churches in the world put together in 3 years.

      The RCC is not complete, it is racked with division and one scandal after another, many of her doctrines are covered up, as they are pagan based, XMas and other customs and traditions are good examples, New Year, Mother’s/Father’s Day, All Saints, Halloween…but to name a few, all pagan based; XMas and New Year are after the pagan Roman Saturnalia, where the Romans used to decorate their houses with evergreen decorations and give gifts and sound out “Io Saturnalia”, the traditional “Merry Christmas” and New Year, after the pagan Roman god “Janus” (January)…!

      “in a class of it’s own and in no competition with no one. Even with over 1.2Billion followers…”

      This is a false security, as numbers mean nothing to Almighty God, Jehovah and his son Jesus, truth has always been in the minority, and surrounded by bigger more powerful elements, the majority, which represent the lie, as you say, that the RCC is the biggest, take a look at Jesus’s words again in Mathew where the “many” are on the “broad road” which leads to destruction, and yes, the majority who claim Jesus for themselves are on it!

      look at the parable of the “weeds and the wheat” and think which is in the majority, until the “harvest” (the conclusion of this system) when the angels are sent in to separate the few wheat from the majority wheat, which are then destroyed in the fire!

      Incidentally, the first Pope in the traditional sense was not Peter, but Damasus, as all Emperors from the time of Augusts to Gratian were called “Pontifex Maximus”, now your Popes have it, from Damasus onwards!

      Regional bishops were called “pope” (papa), also the bishop of Rome, Damasus received the “seat of Peter” (so-called) through much bloodshed, as his opponent Siricius’s followers and his lay dead, numbering over 130 corpses, Damasus hired thugs to force his way to the top…Reminds me of Alexander Borgia!