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On that Stormy Sea of Life

Our Catholic Answers chaplain has an answer for every problem. Fr. Serpa directs anyone in suffering, difficulty, or doubt to contemplate the cross: "See ho…

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18 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (4)

In Numbers 20, why did Moses and Aaron sin when they struck the rock?

Full Question When Moses and Aaron got water from the rock in Numbers 20, what exactly did they do wrong that caused them to be punished? Answer …

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29 Sep 2014 Vatican No comments

The role of angels: one author's push to shed light on the afterlife

Vatican City, Sep 29, 2014 / 01:58 pm .- In an effort to show what Scripture tells us about “the beyond," often obscured by a society that leans toward darkness…

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Keep faith-based hiring discrimination, religious leaders tell Obama

Seventy supporters of religion-based hiring discrimination urged President Obama Thursday to continue to permit government-funded faith groups to employ people …

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13 Jul 2016 Americas Europe News USA Vatican Comments (2)

US archbishops support proposed legislation ‘that will help protect religious freedom’

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing on the First Amendment Defence Act on July 12, a bill two US archbishops said would provide “…

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May Catholics ever marry non-Christians?

Full Question Is a Catholic allowed to marry a non-Christian under any circumstances? I know Scripture states not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, b…

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Are we saved as long as our name is "written in the book"?

Full Question A Baptist friend told me that he believes that so long as your name is "written in the book," you're saved. How do I answer? …

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15 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (56)

In our parish, during the Lord’s Prayer, we hold hands. I have heard that this is not an acceptable practice.…

Full Question In our parish, during the Lord’s Prayer, we hold hands. I have heard that this is not an acceptable practice. Can you please tell me what is …

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Francis: ‘Benedict XVI’s life of prayer teaches us a great lesson’

The Pope has written the preface to a new collection of Benedict's writings on the priesthood Pope Francis has said that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s life of p…

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Holiness can Equally be taught by both Catholics and Methodists – Pope Francis

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Catholics and Methodists can still learn from one another how holiness is lived and understood, Pope Francis has said.

Religious leaders must also ensure that members of both congregations “meet regularly, come to know one another and encourage one another to seek the Lord and his grace".

The Pope met at the Vatican with members of the World Methodist Council, the Methodist Council of Europe and the Methodist Church in Britain who attended the opening of the new Methodist Ecumenical Office in Rome.

The centre, he said, is a sign of a “growing closeness" between the two churches and the desire to “overcome all that stands in the way of our full communion".

“May the Lord bless the work of the office and make it a place where Catholics and Methodists can encounter one another and grow in appreciation of one another’s faith, whether they be groups of pilgrims, those training for ministry, or those who guide their communities," the Pope said.

While differences remain, the Pope said that continued dialogue “based on respect and fraternity" continues to enrich both communities.

Citing the words of John Wesley, one of the founders of Methodism, the Pope said members of both communities must help one another “in whatever leads to the kingdom".

Although Catholics and Methodists cannot “yet think alike in all things, at least we may love alike," he added.

“None of these differences constitutes such an obstacle as to prevent us from loving in the same way and offering a common witness to the world," the pope said.

“Our lives of holiness must always include a loving service to the world; Catholics and Methodists together are bound to work in different ways in order to give concrete witness to the love of Christ."


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  1. Jack Moffatt Reply

    Thank you, I agree. Retired Methodist pastor.

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