How are prayers distributed in purgatory?

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How are prayers distributed in purgatory? I find it hard to believe that a famous person would enter heaven ahead of a poor, friendless soul simply because the celebrity has more people praying for him.


How prayers help the suffering souls in purgatory is God’s domain. All we can do is petition for those souls who we believe may be in need of prayers and trust that God will apply the graces obtained by such prayers in a just and merciful manner.

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  • Silvano says:

    Although the answer given is true and correct, the Virgin Mary has told several saints, while they were still living amongs us, that one of her tasks is to take the blessed souls from purgatory to Heaven, when the time is ripe. And as such she obtains from God the permission to choose which soul will benefit from our prayers, if the soul, for whom we are praying, for is already in Heaven. For example, she told Saint Faustina, that when she enters the realm of purgatory, all souls call her, crying alound, “Star of the Sea”, because they know, that when she comes, she takes souls to Heaven. What a wonderful relationship, what a wonderful world of love. Praised be God for He is merciful. Amen

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