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What are some reasons that justify avoiding pregnancy?

Full Question I have heard that it is acceptable to use NFP for avoiding pregnancy if the reason is serious. Could you please tell me what reasons justify …

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15 Sep 2014 Vatican Comments (4)

Want to learn obedience? Look at the 'woman by the Cross'

Vatican City, Sep 15, 2014 / 08:08 am .- Celebrating Mass for the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows at the Santa Marta residence, Pope Francis reflected on the ultim…

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02 Sep 2016 Uncategorized No comments

Move away from the past, cardinal urges Burma’s leaders

Addressing a historic gathering, Cardinal Bo said Burma was a 'religious nation' that 'never had faith in atheism' Burma’s cardinal addressed a historic gather…

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04 Jun 2015 Articles Q&A Comments (1)

The Four Senses of the Holy Scripture

ISSUE: What are the four senses of scripture? RESPONSE: Traditionally, there are four senses of Scripture, which are outlined in the Catechism of the Catholi…

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Haitians worship amid devastation caused by hurricane

Haitian Christians gathered for worship on Sunday despite devastation of Hurricane Matthew Survivors of Hurricane Matthew put on their Sunday finest and picked…

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19 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Is it a sin to have been raped? Stories about St. Maria Goretti (1890-1902) say that she “chose not to…

Full Question Is it a sin to have been raped? Stories about St. Maria Goretti (1890-1902) say that she “chose not to sin." Answer Where there is no free will…

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14 Apr 2016 Americas Middle East News Vatican Comments (1)

Syrian Christians return home after 3-years

Since the Al-Qaeda squad of terrorists also know as Al-Nusra Front attacked and took-over major regions of Syria (including Sadad) in 2013, Christians have fled…

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17 Oct 2016 News Comments (3)

Catholic bishops condemn ‘ugly’ and ‘anti-Catholic’ emails between Clinton team

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia called the emails 'contemptuously anti-Catholic' Catholic bishops and political campaigners alike have condemned emai…

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25 Dec 2015 News Vatican Comments (2)

Full text of the Holy Father’s Christmas message

Dear brothers and sisters, Happy Christmas! Christ is born for us, let us rejoice in the day of our salvation! Let us open our hearts to receive the grace…

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How can I clear up my friend’s misunderstanding about the Eucharist?

Full Question

A friend of mine believes that if he is in a “right" standing with God and prays heavily beforehand, then he is able to have communion with grape juice and crackers or bread, and it would equate to what a priest does at the consecration. He says that he doesn’t need some “guy" blessing some bread and wine/grape juice to have “communion" with his Lord.


The biggest difference between your friend’s understanding of the Eucharist and that of the Catholic Church is that he thinks that we initiate communion with the Lord. Moreover, “if he is in a right standing" with the Lord is a mighty big if! Who determines that—some “guy" like him? Besides sounding a tad arrogant, such a stance is not scriptural (see John 6). Jesus’ apostles didn’t decide to have Communion with him on their own. Jesus initiated the Eucharist and stated quite emphatically that it was truly his body and blood. When most of his disciples left him because of this, there is no evidence that he called them back to explain that he was only speaking symbolically. What the Catholic Church teaches is totally consistent with Scripture (Jn 6:51) and with what the early Church taught.

So the Eucharist is a Communion with the Lord that he established and maintains through the authority he gave to Peter and his successors. Many people have died defending the reality of that Blessed Sacrament. The Communion is both a spiritual union and a physical union that is initiated by Jesus Christ himself—not the result of subjective human fervor. See our tracts on the Eucharist at



  1. Sheena Penjueli Reply

    I am happy you post all the question and answers we need to know. I was wondering if you could post up all the prayers that should be said during Mass…the Consecration and offertory etc. When my mum went to school she learnt it but we no longer teach it. I would like the standard prayers….not the selections. Hope you can help. God bless.

    1. Margarett C. Zavodny Reply

      Sheena, look up Laudate app or iMissal online, or The Order of the Mass. That will give you the prayers that are the same all the time. There are different Eucharistic prayers besides the Roman Canon. The proper do change daily.

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