How can I love God when I can't see him?

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Recently I have found myself questioning my love for God. How can I love someone I have never met? I realize that it is my responsibility to read, study, and pray to know God. But I‘m finding it very hard to believe that I can love someone without actually having him here in front of me. For instance, I did not personally know Mother Teresa, yet I know much about her. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I love her.


Sure you can love God. You can love Mother Teresa too. You probably know more about her than you know about many people you deal with every day. What you know, you can love. You know far more about God than you realize. Just look at a crucifix. There you will find more love than anywhere else. You will know far more about his love for you than you can know about anyone else’s love for you—no matter how well you think you know that person. Everything you know is evidence of God’s love. You are quite well prepared to love God. Everything about you has been designed for it. It is why you exist.


  • Visuca says:

    How do you know you are ‘in love’ with someone???… You feel attracted to them, then you try them and see that they are good, and by-and-by you realize that YOU and he one you love are ONE! because He made us in his image and He has proved beyond doubt or questioning that He LOVES us.

  • Haries Sankaradhas says:

    You are praying because Holy Spirit is in you. It is not that you choose/love God but God chose/loves you. Allow your inner Spirit (Holy Spirit) to work. Do not resist to experience the love of God. Read Bible and surrender yourself to God, then your knowledge will grow and you will know that God is leading and you are walking/talking/living with Him.

  • chele says:

    I was having the same troubles. I was told to focus more on his love for me. That once I got that, my love would follow. While I still struggle with him forgiving me….
    I kinda started with ..How can I love God, I don’t want to go to hell…That has changed into a longing for God and desperate need to never be separated from him again. I started going to church. Bible studies. Listening to Christian music. No negative tv. I figured I was going to give this relationship %100. I’m probably not where I need to be but thank God I’m not where I was.

  • I have never seen my liver. Do I have to believe I have a liver? If you can believe in things like livers, why do you need to see God to believe in Him?

  • You may begin by reading the Bible. Read about Jesus’s life. through Jesus, we learn how to love God, how to adore him and glorify Him. if you don’t have an understanding of the love Jesus has for us, it’s hard for you to understand how to love God. just start reading the New Testament. the more you learn how God wants us to love above all else, even in the worst of situations, and the most painful of emotions we are supposed to love above all., your heart will soften and realize the love you truly have for our Lord. peace be with you

  • Cipriano Layson says:

    the truth is never doubt your FAITH instead make it more stronger & stronger with burning desire.layson

  • Casper says:

    God is everything around us,the trees the air the human race,plants and Love.We have to have love because we are made to love and that love comes from God and out of love comes so many things that makes us good.We have to love God to shine that love to others.Because we are vessels of love to be filled and shared with our brothers and sisters of this world.

  • Dominic Huang says:

    If you see and then love, it will be temporary. Love is always more than what you can see….its eternal.

  • ana connolly says:

    God is love. God created us because he loves us and want us to feel his love for us.

  • Thanks without love to God we are nothing we start from God then we can love each other .

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