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What is the origin and meaning of the vestments the priest wears at Mass?

The liturgical vestments worn at Mass have evolved over time. Nevertheless, since the earliest days of the Church, liturgical vestments have been worn by pries…

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God's love is for everyone – and it's dangerous to think otherwise, Pope says

At the final Mass closing out the 2015 World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, Pope Francis warned against narrowing God’s love and works to only a certain g…

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Why Catholics do genuflect each time before the Tabernacle and kneel during Mass

The 1985 Extraordinary Synod of Bishops asserted “that the liturgy must favor the sense of the sacred and make it shine forth. It must be permeated by the spir…

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My cousin is a lesbian living with an another woman. Am I a bigot for feeling uncomfortable around them?

Full Question My cousin is a lesbian living with an another woman. Am I a bigot for feeling uncomfortable around them? Answer By acting out on th…

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Will the Government Shut Christianity Up?

Like many municipal governments, Oakland, California uses a closed e-mail system and several bulletin boards to carry out its business. The city’s employee grou…

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Why weren't my prayers answered if the Memorare says never a soul was left unaided?

Full Question In the Memorare the claim is made that the Virgin Mary has never left unaided a soul who asked her intercession. But when I prayed the Memorare f…

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I Know It When I See It

The terrifying images have become ubiquitous in recent months. Men in orange jumpsuits kneeling before a camera, with a specter draped in black at their s…

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Our Lady of the Rosary

Our Lady of the Rosary Feast Day: October 7th When the Holy League fleet of Christian allied forces (the Papacy, Spain, the Republic of Venice, Knights Hosp…

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How can someone who signs off on same-sex marriage certificates administer the Eucharist?

Full Question My state recently adopted new laws (without consent of the people) which allow for two people of the same sex to marry. A member of my parish is …

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How can you compare the Church of St. Pius X with that of John Paul II?

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How can the same Church that canonized St. Pius X consider canonizing John Paul II when John Paul stood for so many things that St. Pius warned against? If you honestly compare the Church of St. Pius X to the Church of John Paul II, you can’t help but wonder if they are indeed the same.


Without specific charges to examine, it is impossible to compare and contrast the pontificates of St. Pius X (reigned: 1903–1914) and John Paul II (reigned: 1978–2005).

There are, however, a couple of points that can be made:

St. Pius X was quite an innovator in his pontificate, as was John Paul II in his pontificate. As but one example, Pius X raised eyebrows when he opened Communion to children as young as seven and advocated frequent, even daily, reception of Communion by the laity. We take these gifts for granted now, but in the day and age in which Pius X reigned such innovations were rather shocking.

The Church’s pastoral practice, its liturgical discipline, and even its understanding of doctrine develop over time. Just as a man looks quite different from the child or the teenager he once was, so the Church today may appear different from what it was decades or centuries before. But just as the man substantially is the same person he was as a child or teenager, so the substance of the Church continues unchanged although different in appearance.

Analogously, John Paul II’s pontificate does not look identical to that of Pius X, but that doesn’t preclude them both from being holy popes dedicated to serving the Church.

I recommend that you study more closely the issues in which you have difficulties with the reign of John Paul II. It may be that there has been misunderstanding or that there is insufficient knowledge of what the Catholic faith allows.


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