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What is the "analogy of faith"?

Full Question In Catholic literature I sometimes run across references to the "analogy of faith." Can you explain what this term means? Answer …

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Prosecutor undecided on death penalty after killing of nuns

The nuns' order has said it opposes the death penalty and said the sisters' murders do 'not demand revenge' A Mississippi prosecutor said she hasn’t decided wh…

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07 Nov 2014 Articles Comments (1)

The Authority of the Pope: Part I

In other Catholic Answers tracts, we have shown that the Church Fathers recognized that Jesus made Peter the rock on which he would build his Church, that this …

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Brussels explosions: Belgian bishops extend their deepest sympathies to those affected by the tragic events in Brussels

Two explosions at Brussels Airport and another at Maalbeck Metro Station in the capital have resulted in numerous casualties. Latest update says that death tol…

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Westminster Cathedral chapel commemorates English martyrs

The Chapel of St George and the English Martyrs will host the decorative scheme A new decorative scheme commemorating forty English Catholic martyrs has recent…

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Lives are being ‘shattered’ in South Sudan, warns Catholic aid agency

Aid workers from Cafod have expressed their grave concern about the worsening situation in South Sudan, where 200 people are reported to have died in clashes si…

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Two quick thoughts on ‘letter-gate’ at the Synod of Bishops

ROME — It just wouldn’t be a Synod of Bishops in the Pope Francis era without some behind-the-scenes drama bursting into public view, and that certainly happene…

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‘Flat Francis’ helps welcome the Pope to America

Charity Catholic Extension took their cartoon version of the Pope out on the streets of Chicago this week Pope Francis might not be getting too far from the …

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Does the Church teach that birth control is allowable in certain circumstances?

Full Question My wife and I have been married since 1996. At that time the priest told us that, according to the Pope's teachings, under certain circumstan…

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How do I know if I have sinned in my thoughts? After all, we cannot control our thoughts.

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How do I know if I have sinned in my thoughts? After all, we cannot control our thoughts.


We sin in our thoughts when we deliberately entertain(ponder, meditate upon) thoughts we know to be impure or otherwise immoral. Fleeting impure or immoral thoughts that cross our mind without conscious deliberation are better classified as “temptations" and should be rejected.

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