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Why do Catholics "go to rosaries" when someone dies?

Full Question I have heard of Catholics "going to rosaries" for people who have died. Could you tell me what is meant by this? Answer When a Cathol…

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02 Oct 2014 USA Comments (1)

Faith on Facebook? Author stresses need for 'digital missionaries'

Boston, Mass., Oct 2, 2014 / 12:23 pm .- Catholic presence in social media is critical in reaching out to those who are lost or distanced from the Church, said …

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Pope Francis says mind of Benedict XVI is still ‘perfect’

Pope Francis has said his predecessor as pontiff is having trouble getting around, but remains sharp of mind and memory, according to an interview published on …

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Airport chaplain says he's deeply moved by how many have placed themselves at the service of those affected by the…

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Belgium, a Catholic priest, Fr Michel Gaillard who counseled survivors of the Brussels attacks said he was shocked …

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18 Feb 2016 Americas News USA Vatican Comments (2)

Pope Francis' Angry reaction when almost pulled to the ground in Mexico Pope Francis at the cause of an event with the Mexican audience during his visit was almost pulled to the ground…

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Pope Francis' Catechesis for Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

At the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall on Wednesday, for his traditional weekly Audience which fell during the week of prayer for Christian Unity, Pope Francis reflected…

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29 Jun 2016 Americas Asia-Pacific Europe News United Kingdom USA Vatican Comments (1)

‘Prayer is the key to bringing us closer to God,’ says Pope on Solemnity of Ss Peter and Paul

Prayer is a key that opens the door to God, unlocks selfish, fearful hearts and leads people from sadness to joy and from division to unity, Pope Francis said o…

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Argentina to have its very first saint: Blessed Jose Gabriel del Rosario Brochero

Pope Francis has facilitated the causes of sainthood for 10 men and women, that list includes Roman Catholic Argentinian priest, Blessed Jose Gabriel del Rosari…

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21 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (4)

Will my sin be forgiven if I don't feel sorry?

Full Question I want to confess an obvious sin, but I do not feel remorse or regret for doing it. Do I need to be regretful to confess this sin or will it …

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How do we know that St. Anne was the Virgin Mary’s mother, since she’s not mentioned in the Bible?

Full Question

How do we know that St. Anne was the Virgin Mary’s mother, since she’s not mentioned in the Bible?


Although she is not mentioned in the Bible, we know the name of Mary’s mother from other sources. The earliest known record is found in the Protoevangelium of James, which dates back to the second century.



  1. Tom Rafferty Reply

    Really, the whole of the Bible smells of fiction and THIS is worthy of discussion? SMH

    1. Sanshou Reply

      If you don’t believe don’t read it and don’t leave pointless & disrespectful comments on catholic sites.

      1. Tom Rafferty Reply

        Sanshou, my comment was not “pointless” and it was only justifiably “disrespectful” to your superstition, NOT to you personally. My “point” is that there is no evidence for the truth of any religion, much less the Catholic Church, and I consider it a moral imperative to expose claims unsupported by evidence.

        1. Tom Reply

          Are you the morality police. You have no credentials, and you expect people to listen. You’re a fool.

          1. Tom Rafferty

            I need no credentials to understand reality. I only need the intellect and willingness to only accept claims with sufficient evidence instead of accepting unsupported dogma such as what the Catholic Church presents to the gullible. I will let the reader of what I say on Catholicsay make the call whether I am the fool or you are. I am very comfortable with my morality and my worldview in general. i challenge you to join me in a better understanding of reality. Peace.

  2. jaimcito Reply

    Keep shaking it. Maybe the pieces will magically fall back together in there..

  3. PETER JUMA Reply


  4. Patrick Gannon Reply

    We have no historical evidence that Jesus, let alone his mother, was an actual human person. Consider that Paul was the first author – writing in the 50’s a couple decades after Jesus’ supposed death. Paul knows nothing of Jesus’ family, his birth, his baptism, his disciples (apostles are not the same thing as disciples), his ministry, his miracles or anything else about his life. For Paul, Jesus is a celestial demi-god who entered into combat with Satan as a celestial being above the firmament, and somehow saved us all from our sins. Paul knows nothing of an actual human Jesus. It’s not till the author of Mark, writing a couple decades after that, turned Jesus into a human being that we get a human Jesus. The authors of Matthew and Luke copied, edited and embellished in order to put their own spin on it. The gospel of John essentially creates a completely different Jesus in most respects.
    There is evidence that early Church teaching understood Jesus to be a celestial being, not a real human being living here on earth, and that this was among the “mysteries" that were only revealed to those in the inner circles. For the stupid and foolish, the gospels were intended to paint a picture of a human Jesus that would be easier for them to understand.

    Read Richard Carrier’s “Historicity of Jesus" to learn more and decide for yourself.

  5. Gallibus Reply

    Millions of people populated the earth and there is ‘no record’ of their existence – merely evidence that the present generations had forbears. Get real!

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