How many wives may I have at one time?

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How many wives may I have at one time?


A man may only have one wife, and a woman may only have one husband. “Polygamy is contrary to conjugal love, which is undivided and exclusive” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1645). Read also our Lord’s words on the indissolubility of marriage in his interaction with the Pharisees (Matt. 19:1-12; see Gen. 2:23-24). See further St. Paul’s beautiful teaching on Christian marriage and its relationship with the mystical union between Christ and his mystical spouse, the Church (Eph. 5:21-33).

Only death may dissolve a validly ratified and consummated marriage between two Christians (Code of Canon Law, can. 1141; see also CCC 1625-32).

By Tom Nash


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Yahweh and Jesus are one and the same, right? They are both the one and only god, right? So in his Yahweh personna, all sorts of different marriage options were available, from multiple wives to slaves, to your dead brother’s wife, to women you raped, etc. Then in his Jesus persona, he changes the rules – well according to the Church, Jesus isn’t quite so explicit! The Church knows how to read Jesus’ mind better than he does himself, I guess.
    Why would we allow disordered, unnatural celibate virgins who have chosen to leave the gene pool to tell us what we can and cannot do with our genitalia and whom we can and cannot marry? Why do they get an say in the matter? They are the unnatural ones. They are the the maniacally obsessive ones, to the point of institutional mental illness.

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