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Should Christians Fly the Rainbow Flag?

In the wake of the recent Orlando nightclub attack, many people, including Christians, have superimposed a rainbow flag over their social media profile pictures…

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The Origin of Sign of the Cross?

The sign of the cross is a beautiful gesture which reminds the faithful of both the cross of salvation while invoking the Holy Trinity. Technically, the sign o…

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Why this Catholic health care development is a game-changer for women

With the hope of providing authentic and ethical health care for women, Dr. Thomas Hilgers, creator of Natural Procreative Technology, has worked for decades to…

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Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns.—Although Our Savior's Crown of Thorns is mentioned by three Evangelists and is often alluded to by the early Christian Fathers, such as Clement…

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Pope Francis urges US Catholics to pray before voting

Pope Francis spoke to reporters on the Papal Plane from Georgia and Azerbaijan on Sunday, where he revealed the best way US Catholics can approach the upcoming …

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How we stopped a Black Mass at Harvard

A shot putter who won a silver medal in Rio is a member of the Knights of Columbus who counts priests and religious among his friends and role models. Joe Ko…

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Sixth Meeting of Council of Cardinals Wraps Up

The director of the Holy See Press Office, Father Federico Lombardi, provided an update on the sixth meeting of the Council of Cardinals, which began on Monday,…

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Why shouldn't we applaud the choir at the end of Mass?

Full Question One of my friends suggests that we should not applaud the choir after the closing hymn. He says that the song should direct souls t…

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What is the Catholic view of women?

Full Question I am a Muslim woman considering becoming a Christian. Can you tell me what is the Catholic view about women? In Islam "they" say that women a…

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How to SURVIVE A TERRORIST ATTACK – Anti-terror expert offers tips

Christians remain the most persecuted religious people in the world – so if a terrorist attack occurred at your Church, home or in a public place near you, what techniques do you need to survive?

Believers around the world are being treated with hatred by dominant religions, armed Jihads and suspicious heathens.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

Catholics are not the only ones in danger of terror attacks but it is still important to know what to do in emergency situations.

Officer Scott Wilson, an anti-terror expert and appointed National Counter Terrorism Coordinator, spoke to Daily Mail to share survival tips in the event of a terrorist attack.

The first tip is a simple one: Act fast.

“The people who are there to carry out these terrorist attacks are there to kill you and your Western lifestyle,” Wilson warned.

Following the Paris attacks, British police began the campaign “Run, Hide, Tell.”

Wilson said many people confuse what the campaign means but shared, “We’re hoping this strategy can help to save more lives in the event of an attack.”

But what does this mean?

He explained the campaign in more detail: “Run, for example, means don’t hide under a table or play dead. Run out of the building. Don’t try to negotiate.

Scott Wilson create a guide to help people survive terror attacks. Scott Wilson create a guide to help people survive terror attacks (SWNS).

“Hide means that if you can’t get our of the building, barricade yourself behind a steel door, stay quiet and turn your phone on silent.

“Then tell – phone the police as soon as you can, give exact locations, what kind of weapon the terrorist might have had, are there any casualties.”

Wilson explained “Run, Hide, Tell” is: “about remaining calm and getting yourself to a safe place. The examples might be really simple but how many people would think of these actions when they’re in that situation?”

Terrorist attacks incite terror, meaning as soon as a gun is fired, someone cries “Allahu Akbar” or a bomb is spotted, people begin to panic in fear.

Wilson said it is best to always be “alert but not alarmed” in public places.

He worked with Greater Manchester Police to create a video, in which he outlines nine crucial ways to survive an attack:

  • You need to stay alert but not alarmed
  • There is no point staying to negotiate
  • Get yourself away from the danger zone
  • Try and hide within a building behind steel doors
  • Use properties where you can barricade yourself in
  • Don’t hide behind a desk or a normal wall
  • Keep quiet
  • Call 911
  • Get detailed information out as quickly as possible – how many offenders? What type of weapon? Are there any casualties?

It is important to be specific and give exact locations to help authorities and first responders properly prepare and arrive to the scene faster.

Don’t forget, once you’ve run away and called the authorities, prayer can calm you and help you think straight. We must always remember the power of prayer – it is our most potent weapon and best defense.


By Kenya Sinclair


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