I don't like the Novus Ordo but don't have weekly access to the Old Mass. Is it a sin not to go every week?

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I am not happy with the Novus Ordo Mass and no longer wish to attend it. I would like to attend the Tridentine Mass every week, but the bishop will not allow my priest to celebrate it more than twice a month. Would I commit a mortal sin by attending Mass only twice a month?


Attending Mass is not all about us and what we like or dislike. It’s about what happened on Golgotha on Good Friday when God the Son shed his blood for us. It’s all about him! At Mass, it is his body and blood that is offered on the altar—regardless of what language is spoken, what rite is used, or what words are sung. Certainly, we all have our own tastes. But the light of his sacrifice must blind us to all else at such a moment.
To miss Sunday Mass through one’s own fault can indeed be a mortal sin. But to rank one’s preferred liturgical style higher than the Mass itself is to deliberately ignore God’s gesture of love as he hung for three hours, preferring our good to his life and all of his preferences.


  • Maria spano says:

    I go to Church almost every day ,your answer its perfect ,I love to Receive the Body and Blood of Jesus ,that is mass is all about ,Jesus Sacrifice ,we go To Jesus ,that is all the most important ,And Blessing ,gift ,From Him ,!!Don’t take for granted ,

  • cheboy says:

    if you understood what the altar means, you would gladly attend the mass everyday. it’s about Jesus, the begotten son being sacrificed for the atonement of our sins. In the old testament, the hebrews use animals as an offering on the altar for the atonement of their sins. The greatest sacrifice that is wholly accepted by the Father is the sacrifice of his only begotten son Jesus, His body and blood.

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