21 Jan 2016 Q&A Comments (3)

Did St. Peter view his authority as equal to other Church leaders?

Full Question How can you say Peter had authority over other church leaders when he referred to himself as only their "fellow elder"(1 Pt 5:1). This proves Pet…

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03 Mar 2016 Australia News Vatican Comments (1)

Cardinal Pell to Australia’s royal commission, "I regret that I didn't do more at that stage"

Giving his testimony before Australia’s royal commission into child sexual abuse, Cardinal Pell said, “I hope that my appearance here has contributed a bit to h…

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04 Nov 2015 Middle East News No comments

Iraqi lawmakers deny the bill that will allow conversion from Islam to Christianity

To permit a free will of worshiping God as a christian converting from Islam once your of 18 years and above, was the bill the Iraqi Parliamentary have turned d…

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19 Aug 2016 Articles Comments (9)

Statue of Virgin Mary weeping blood - is this another WARNING?

Catholic parishioners at a remote Bolivian church report a statue of the Virgin Mary is weeping blood. If true, this is yet another message from Our Lady that c…

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The story behind a Communion host

When Mother Mary Anselma Felber assigned Sister Mary Agnes to bake the first altar bread for her fledgling Benedictine community, she began a 100-plus year trad…

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Cardinals oppose ‘perverse’ plan to open a McDonald’s in Vatican City

Cardinal Elio Sgreccia spoke out about the proposed opening of the branch in sight of St Peter's Square McDonald’s plan to open its first restaurant in Vatican…

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How to Quote the Bible Like a Pro

Are you able to quote book, chapter, and verse numbers for every Bible passage that you know? If not, does it prevent you from engaging in faith discussions wit…

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Westminster Cathedral to be floodlit in red to highlight plight of persecuted Middle East Christians

'If every parish in the country did the same it might at last wake up our political classes to the scale of the suffering,' Aid to the Church in Need has said …

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24 Nov 2014 Articles No comments

Guess who's coming to Dinner

Every year as we cycle through the calendar, the apologists at Catholic Answers can count on having to answer certain questions. From May through October,…

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If a Christian denies his faith while being tortured, has he committed apostasy?

Full Question

If a Christian denies his faith while being tortured, has he committed apostasy?


Objectively speaking, anyone who totally repudiates the Christian faith has committed apostasy (CCC 2089), which is a grave matter. In this situation, though, the torture could mitigate his ability to choose purposefully. For grave matter to be a mortal sin, it must also include “full knowledge and deliberate consent” to the action (CCC 1857). So, while the person would not have demonstrated the heroic virtue of a Christian martyr, it is possible that he would not be culpable for apostasy.

It is also possible for a person who is facing martyrdom to first deny his faith but later repent and go to his martyrdom, as was the case of St. Joan of Arc, who first tried to save herself from the flames but then repented. Perhaps she might be considered the patron saint of reluctant martyrs.


  1. Visuca Reply

    The day my Roman Catholic Religion stops or fail being True, Just, and -perhaps above all else- Human, it will stop being MY Religion.

  2. Brother Mike Reply

    It’s possible? What kind of answer is that? Who the check is Joan of Arc? It’s like saying is it possible to torture someone until they accept Jesus. Are they really saved now once we have made it mortally impossible for them to refuse Jesus? Peter denied knowing Jesus because of fear. No pressure on Peter, but fear and pride. Pride, because the Lord told them they would leave him but Peter said not so Lord. He should have said give us grace to stand. If the Lord says something we don’t question. If you see latter though Peter became imprisoned and was going to loose his head the next morning. Peter had matured in Faith so much he just went to sleep as if nothing was wrong. We can mature to this place also just like Peter and have grace until we reach that place. Just like Peter.

  3. Denise Daniels Reply

    But what about the young girls in Africa who were kidnapped? Those poor young girls. My beloved God would forgive them.

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