If I’m a smoker, do I have to confess this every time I go to confession?

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If I’m a smoker, do I have to confess this every time I go to confession?


Smoking in moderation is not a sin at all (CCC 2290). Smoking can be excessive, but culpability may be mitigated by addiction. I recommend talking to your confessor to assess your personal culpability and to get his recommendation for how often you should confess. The Church urges Catholics to confess their venial sins because the grace received in confession can help heal them and strengthen them against future temptation (CCC 1458). I also recommend praying for the intercession of Dorothy Day, the American Catholic social activist, whose cause for canonization is under investigation. Day was a heavy smoker for much of her life.


  1. Paula Dickens Glenn Reply

    I am a smoker and a convert (34 years ago). I was not aware that smoking was a sin! I am so glad I subscribe to this page! Now I know and will confess it in my next Confession! This page is very helpful!

    1. thebaronessvonkorf Reply

      That is because smoking in itself is not a sin. Doing anything in excess is sinful. Another example is eating. Food in itself is not sinful, over eating, gluttony” is sinful. We in fact have a men’s group at our church who get together once a month to smoke pipes and cigars and to drink liquor together. They also discuss religious topics during this time. In fact, some of our local priests join the men in this sign of masculine fellowship. All of the men know that their friends will ensure that no one over does it, and if they suspect that one of the men have over done it they make sure that the person gets home safely by driving them home, calling a cab for them, or if the man is married calling his wife to come to get him. They then keep a close eye on that man to help him in case the drinking is a symptom of a deeper problem.

  2. San Bahai Reply

    Smoking is bad, and no moderation should be considered good.

  3. Ngangho Nelson Reply

    The use of drugs is grave offense except on therapeutic grounds(CCC 2291

  4. Rodel Torreblanca Reply

    our body is the temple of god! his temple should be clean! cigaret smoking and alcoholic drinks are the one who make our body unclean causes of sickness iand God doesnt want unclean body and spirit.. To those people who think that cigaret smoking is not a sin! Its totally wrong…

    1. thebaronessvonkorf Reply

      Not according to the Catechism of the Catholic church (CCC). Smoking in moderation is not a sin at all (CCC 2290). This might be your option but it is NOT what the church formally teaches.

  5. Kwanya Reply

    Yes, the Catechism may teach moderation. How will one measure the moderation of smoking or taking alcohol? Doing them is not good since they control a person. I personally consider them a sin, since our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

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