If the minister has no access to a sacristy, what should be done with a host that has been spit out by a communicant unable to swallow?

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My understanding is that hosts that have been spit out by a communicant who is unable to swallow must be dissolved in water and then the water is poured down a sacrarium. But what do you do if you are visiting a nursing home or a homebound communicant where it is impractical to get to the sacristy? The GIRM is vague on these special circumstances.


The only practical thing to do is to pick up the host with a handkerchief or paper towel and bring it to the sacristy. It may be inconvenient, but this is the body of the Lord. Nothing deserves greater care and consideration.


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    As a kid, I found it difficult to accept that there was an actual body inside that wafer; and that we were going to eat it. We’re told “nothing deserves greater care and consideration.,” but on Sundays we drop that wafer in stomach acid with very little care or consideration! As children, when we have impressionable minds, we’re easy to indoctrinate, and we’re easily influenced in the social mores. It isn’t necessary to say, “Now children, it’s not nice to eat your playmates,” but somehow we get enough messages out of our environment that tell us cannibalism isn’t acceptable in our society.

    Then we’re ordered to go eat Jesus.

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