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Is Pope Francis trying to play Politics with the church by visiting Greece tomorrow?

Speculations as to whether or not the Church is beginning to play a political game by having the Holy Father visit Greece tomorrow alongside Ecumenical Patriarc…

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Ghanaian Bishops strongly against Government's acceptance of two ex-cons of Guantanamo Bay

Members of the Ghana Catholic Bishops' Conference have sharply denounced the government's acceptance of two ex- detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, describing …

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19 Jan 2016 Middle East News No comments

Damascus Nuncio decries the usage of hunger as weapon in Syria

Mgr Mario Zenari, the Apostolic Nuncio of Damascus exclaimed in distress the unfair usage of hunger to fight the Syrian Civil war. “Using hunger, and thirst,…

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Patriarchate pleads for calm in Jerusalem

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem has appealed for calm in the Holy Land. “Heavily concerned with the more recent wave of violence which blows over Israel …

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If someone is unsure he's in a state of grace, should he refrain from receiving Communion?

Full Question A friend asked me if he should receive Communion if he was in doubt about whether he had committed a mortal sin. I told him that he should not, b…

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Jihad attacks Catholic priest and attempts to detonate suicide bomb during Sunday Mass

An ISIS teen attempted to detonate his vest during Sunday Mass, where hundreds were present to worship. According to the Daily Mail, an 18-year-old Jihad att…

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Vatican says 'no' to transsexual godparents amid Spain controversy

A media firestorm arose in Spain after a transsexual woman, who considers herself a man, asked to be the godfather of her nephew – leading a diocese's bishop to…

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Monday Meeting of Curia Leaders was devoted to Jubilee Year plans

When Pope Francis met on May 18th, 2015 with top officials of the Roman Curia, the meeting was devoted to plans for the Jubilee Year of Mercy, Vatican Insider r…

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25 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Why is Paul referred to as an apostle when he clearly was not one of the Twelve?

Full Question Why is Paul referred to as an apostle when he clearly was not one of the Twelve Answer The Catholic Encyclopedia defines "apost…

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In a mixed marriage, does the couple have to promise to raise their children Catholic to be married in the Church?

Full Question

When a Catholic wishes to marry a non-Catholic, does the couple need to promise to raise their children as Catholic in order to be married by a priest in the Church?


The Code of Canon Law states:

A marriage between two persons, one of whom has been baptized in the Catholic Church or received into it . . . and the other of whom is not baptized, is invalid. (CIC 1086)A marriage is prohibited between two baptized persons of whom one is baptized in the Catholic Church or received into it after baptism . . . and the other of whom is enrolled in a Church or ecclesial community not in full communion with the Catholic Church. (CIC 1124)

That said, the Church does allow bishops to grant permission for such marriages provided the following conditions are met:

  • The Catholic party is to declare that he or she is prepared to remove dangers of defecting from the faith and is to make a sincere promise to do all in his or her power so that all offspring are baptized and brought up in the Catholic Church.
  • The other party is to be informed at an appropriate time about the promises that the Catholic party is to make, in such a way that it is certain that he or she is truly aware of the promise and obligation of the Catholic party.
  • Both parties are to be instructed about the purposes and essential properties of marriage, which neither of the contracting parties is to exclude. (CIC 1125)


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