05 Feb 2016 News USA Vatican Comments (1)

Fake Catholic Priest exposed in L. A

Erwin Mena have been posing as a Catholic priest at St. Ignatius of Loyola parish in Highland Park, in a visit to cover for the original Parish who was on vacat…

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13 Jan 2016 Asia-Pacific News No comments

The Holy Father assents Fr. Pulickal's appointment as Auxiliary Bishop of Kanjirapally

Unlike in the Latin-rite Church where the Pope have to directly appoint a bishop, the synods of eastern-rite Catholic churches have the autonomy of appointing …

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24 Nov 2015 Middle East News Comments (1)

The Condition of Christians still in Syria despite War against them

An interview with two priests and three religious sisters who serve in Aleppo, Syria’s largest city explained in details the way the surviving christians in Syr…

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18 Jul 2015 Articles Comments (1)

Who are the angels?

Science tells us that our eyes can see only a small slice of the total reality that is around us. Other electromagnetic waves are no different from light except…

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19 May 2016 USA No comments

‘We must protect the family from the devil’s attacks,’ Cardinal Sarah tells faithful

The cardinal said divorce, cohabitation and same-sex marriage hurt children and make it harder to discover God's love Cardinal Robert Sarah has said the devil …

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13 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (14)

Can a woman who was divorced by her first husband (he left her and married again) receive Holy Communion?

Full Question Can a woman who was divorced by her first husband (he left her and married again) receive Holy Communion? Answer Yes. If a divorced…

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29 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Pope Francis met Argentine family who travelled 11,000 miles to Philadelphia

The Holy See press officer explained on Sunday that that morning Pope Francis had met with the Walkers, a family from Argentina who travelled in a VW camper van…

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16 Oct 2015 Middle East - Africa News No comments

Infertility leads to trauma and broken marriages, says Nigerian bishop

Bishop says for couples in Africa the pain of childlessness is 'beyond anything I can say' Married couples need more help in dealing with infertility and chi…

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18 Sep 2015 Articles No comments

The Priest's Usual Gestures during Holy Mass Explained

The following are several short and sweet answers to various questions concerning the Mass. All citations in the answers are from the new General Instruction o…

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INSIDE THE TERROR: Aleppo airstrike leaves doctors desperate to save trapped children

Air raids have been conducted in Syria for months but one of the most recent strikes hit a hospital, leaving doctors scrambling to save babies trapped in incubators

According to Aljazeera, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported dozens of air raids, artillery attacks and barrel bombs hitting eighteen neighborhoods in eastern Aleppo.

No one is safe from the bombs – not even hospitals housing innocents.

Shocking video revealed the destruction left after a bomb landed in an Aleppo neighborhood.

Buildings crumble, civilians were buried beneath their homes, babies screamed and adults scrambled to save themselves and their families.

Several hospitals have been targeted, leaving people trapped beneath rubble or tied to life-saving machines.

Babies trapped in incubators require rescue from doctors who knowingly enter destroyed hospitals in hopes of saving even just one life.

Aleppo struggles to handle airstrikes. Aleppo struggles to handle airstrikes.

According to Daily Mail, International Development Secretary Priti Patel spoke Sunday to call the strikes “sickening.”

She condemned Russia and Syria for their “inhumanity.”

One children’s hospital doctor, who identified himself only as Hatem, shared how he was one of several doctors who rescued 14 babies from incubators when the strikes kept hitting.

“As we drove out with the ambulance, warplanes were firing and artillery were shelling,” Hatem wrote. “But thank God we were not hurt.”

As the innocent flee, the bombs continue to drop.

Aleppo continues to be torn apart between Syrian rebels and government forces.

By Kenya Sinclair


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