01 Apr 2015 Q&A Comments (2)

Do Jesus' words in Matthew 15 indicate that Scripture is superior to Tradition?

Full Question In Matthew 15:1-9 (the well-known passage that says, "you make void the word of God by your tradition"), didn't Jesus indicate that any tradi…

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17 Oct 2016 News No comments

Asia Bibi’s appeal hearing postponed

One of the three judges scheduled to preside at the hearing said he could not hear the case The appeal of Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to…

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19 Jul 2016 News No comments

Egypt’s wave of persecution continues as mob stabs Christian to death

Sectarian violence against Christians has recently peaked in the south of the country A Muslim mob in southern Egypt stabbed a Coptic Christian to death over…

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27 Apr 2016 Vatican Comments (1)

True believers serve others, Pope says at audience

Christians are called to imitate the good Samaritan, Pope tells crowds in St Peter's Square To ignore the suffering of another person is to ignore God, Pope Fr…

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05 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

Pope opens Synod of Bishops with call to blend tradition with mercy

Pope Francis opened this year’s Synod of Bishops on the family Sunday with a stirring defense of traditional marriage coupled with an insistence that the Church…

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06 Nov 2015 Middle East - Africa News No comments

Senior Bishops of Kenya says Pope Francis' visit will bring healing and reconciliation to the nation.

Pope Francis’ imminent visit to the Kenyan capital of Nairobi will bring healing and reconciliation to the nation that has suffered a lot of misfortunes in the …

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09 Sep 2016 Articles No comments

Are Americans WRONG about work? How a Catholic approach to work actually increases profits

Are Americans wrong about work? New research and practical experience suggests we Americans are wrong about work, and that if we want to be more productive, we …

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12 Dec 2015 Articles No comments

"MITIS IUDEX DOMINUS IESUS" The Newly Reformed Guide to the Canonical Process for Declaration of Nullity of Marriage in the…


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10 Sep 2014 USA No comments

Risque Carl's Jr ads prompt calls for boycott

alt Lake City, Utah, Sep 10, 2014 / 02:03 am .- The fast food chain Carl’s Jr. should drop its ads featuring scantily-clad models on the grounds that the ads bo…

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Iraqi Christians who fled Islamic State share their story

The plight of Christians in the Middle East was the focus of an educational and fundraising event in Denver on Friday, in which two Christian refugees from a city near Mosul told of their escape from Islamic State militants.

The Sept. 18 Assembly of Hope and Mercy was hosted by Regis University.

A young Iraqi woman recounted her Aug. 14, 2014 escape from Bakhdida, 20 miles southeast of Mosul, when Kurdish troops defending the town from Islamic State attack abruptly withdrew.

Fearing a massacre, the Christians fled on foot; many, like her father, without money or identification. As they walked all the next day to Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, more than 40 miles away, the temperature hit 115 degrees.
“It was the road of death, face to face with death," she said. An ambulance approached those in flight, a welcomed sight, but it contained Islamic State militants who opened fire.

When the refugees did arrive in Erbil they had to sleep out in the open, on streets and in public places.

The young woman pleaded “You, the people of freedom, save my friends, especially the little girls and those who are sex slaves" to the Islamic State.

She said girls used to dream of getting an education.

“Now, they dream of any man who will present himself for marriage and has a passport, so they can get out … and make it to the land of safety … I ask you, save us."
Another Iraqi refugee from Bakhdida, a married woman with children, said, “Here in America, I’m in a country that can save me; it’s a secure country that can protect me and protect my children … in Iraq there’s no more place (for Christians), we can’t survive, we can’t live. My wish and my only request that I can bring my husband and two children who are in the camp in Beirut … because I hope my daughter (who wears leg braces) can receive treatment in the United States."

According to the refugee, when the Islamic State overtook Bakhdida, the forces were not only foreigners, but included Sunni inhabitants of the city. She maintained that this imperils the future of Christianity in Iraq.

The educational event was sponsored by Save Christians in the Middle East, a group of religious, business, and community partners whose goal is to provide immediate support to these endangered Christians.

By Tom Uebbing


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