Is confirmation mentioned in the bible?

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Is confirmation as a sacrament mentioned in the bible?


Fr. Charles Grondin



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Funny how the Church distanced itself from all that speaking in tongues and prophesying stuff that was so much a part of the early Church. Paul clearly did not know a historical Jesus or anyone else who did. He takes great pride in admitting that all his knowledge of Jesus (whom he considered to be a celestial being) comes from his own visions or scripture. All the Apostles were having visions back then, but what happened when one man’s vision superseded or contradicted another man’s vision? The guy with the new revelation would claim to have new information from Jesus. You can see that this would rapidly dissolve into a chaotic mess, so the Church put an end to it, even though, that’s what it was founded on. Delusions, hallucinations and visions had more credence back then, than they do today which explains why I didn’t have any visions or prophecy or speaking in tongues when I was confirmed, and I don’t know anyone else who did or even claimed to. Today we must consider the distinct probability that those people were nuts, playing along, or lying.

    1. Peter Aiello Reply

      The apostles and many of the other disciples who were in Jerusalem when Paul visited them the first time, were eyewitnesses of Christ’s ministry when He was on earth. Paul compared notes with them. The eyewitnesses didn’t need visions and dreams for this.

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