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Christian convert stabbed to death by Islamic State said he was aware of the dangers he faced

The barbaric Islamic militant group ISIS, has claimed responsibility for the killing of Hussein Ali Sarkar, a Christian convert stabbed to death on Tuesday in B…

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18 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

How marriage prep is failing Catholics, and what we can do about it

The Church needs to seriously consider changing the way it approaches marriage preparation say John and Claire Grabowski, a couple who serve on the Pontifical C…

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A Full Text of the Holy Father's in-flight interview as he returns to Rome

Pope Francis: I thank you for your day of work, for me and also for you it was a bit powerful. Ines San Martin (Crux): Holy Father, what we’ve read… The firs…

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29 Mar 2015 Q&A Comments (9)

Why don't the apostles recognize Jesus after the Resurrection?

  Full Question I'm baffled by the passages in Scripture that say the apostles didn't recognize Jesus when he rose from the dead (e.g.,…

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What are the pains of purgatory?

Full Question What are the pains of purgatory? Answer While the nature of the punishment of the cleansing fire of purgatory is not a defined doct…

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01 Apr 2015 Q&A Comments (3)

What is the correct thing to do when the precious blood is spilled during distribution of the Eucharist?

Full Question When an elderly communicant with trembling hands grasped the chalice, a large quantity of the precious blood spilled on the carpet. The extraordi…

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13 Oct 2016 News Comments (1)

Britain’s first Syro-Malabar bishop ordained in front of 12,000-strong crowd in Preston

Mar Joseph Srampickal will be the bishop attached to the new Syro-Malabar cathedral Britain’s Syro-Malabar community has taken a major step forward with the or…

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Pope Francis met Argentine family who travelled 11,000 miles to Philadelphia

The Holy See press officer explained on Sunday that that morning Pope Francis had met with the Walkers, a family from Argentina who travelled in a VW camper van…

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Does Luke Contradict Himself on When Jesus Was Born?

St. Luke begins the second chapter of his Gospel with a chronological note about when Jesus was born: writing: In those days a decree went out from Caesar Au…

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Is hunting for sport OK?

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I know that we are not to treat animals cruelly and that we are allowed to kill an animal in self-defense, but is it okay to hunt animals for sport?


God gave man stewardship over animals, and that includes using them for just purposes. Examples of just purposes that the Catechism of the Catholic Church points out are food, clothing, medical and scientific experimentation, and the work and leisure of man (CCC 2417–8). But man must not deliberately cause animals to suffer and die needlessly, because to do so would be contrary to man’s own dignity. Animals, properly speaking, do not have “rights” because they are not human. But man does have the human responsibility to treat them with reasonable care.

Does this exclude sport hunting? If a hunter were merely shooting an animal for the purpose of watching it suffer and die, yes. But the vast majority of hunters don’t do that. Some use the meat and skins of the animals. Others are helping to preserve the balance of nature by using carefully regulated licensing procedures to thin out animal overpopulation. Some hunt for sport, but the sport is in the tracking, gun skills, and trophy hunting, not in causing suffering and death to animals. All responsible hunters take care not to leave a wounded animal injured by a badly aimed shot to suffer; they make sure to track it down and end its suffering.

In short, the Church does not oppose sport hunting.

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