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Jesus Christ Comes to Life from a Crucifix in Spain

Christ hanging on a cross came to live in a Spanish Church. The 6 foot, life-sized Crucifix which is today known as "The Miraculous Crucifix of Limpias", loca…

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28 Jun 2016 Americas Europe News United Kingdom USA Vatican Comments (3)

US Supreme Court strikes down abortion clinic regulations

The Supreme Court has struck down Texas’s widely replicated regulation of abortion clinics in the court’s biggest abortion case in nearly a quarter of a century…

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29 Aug 2014 Vatican Comments (1)

Pakistani leader talks persecuted Christians with Pope Francis

Vatican City, Aug 29, 2014 / 02:03 am .- In a brief encounter with Pope Francis following his general audience Wednesday, former Pakistani minister Paul Bhatti …

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Rev. Sister Cecilia Maria who died with a Smiling face

Pictures of a young Argentinian nun - smiling and serene though dying from a devastating battle with cancer - have erupted on social media, with thousands shari…

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Top 10 mothers from the Bible

Mothers are God's gift to us all. It is mothers who tend to love us with an unbridled passion and who can kiss all our boo-boos away - but what about the mother…

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Did the Church change its teaching about justification to align with Luther's?

Full Question My Protestant friend says that the Catholic Church has finally changed its teaching on justification to line up with Luther's interpretation.…

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'Whom Will Ye That I Release Unto You?'

We are on the eve of the only election that will ever matter. There are several disturbing phenomenon. Among the intelligence community, which does release som…

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Former Manchester United footballer to be a Dominican priest

You might have heard of Phil Mulryne, a Manchester United footballer who's shared the field with David Beckham and brought fame to Ireland with 27 caps – intern…

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Solidarity a virtue for businessmen too, CEO counsels

Washington D.C., Oct 7, 2014 / 04:09 pm .- Business leaders should embrace virtues like solidarity and mutual dependence among their business partners, employee…

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Is it OK to pray to Old Testament heroes the same way we pray to Christian saints?

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Can Catholics pray to Old Testament heroes like Abraham, Moses, David, and Elijah as one would pray to Christian saints like Peter or Francis?


Certainly. The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us, “The patriarchs, prophets, and certain other Old Testament figures have been and always will be honored as saints in all the Church’s liturgical traditions” (CCC 61). Statues of such Old Testament figures as Moses, David, and Elijah can be found in some Catholic churches, a reminder to ask the intercessions of these saints.

Many Old Testament saints offer compelling examples of faith, perseverance, and heroic virtue and are as worthy of our devotion and prayers as the angels named in the Old Testament—Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.

A prayer called the Litany to Old Testament Saints can be found online; it includes invocations of holy patriarchs, kings, women, prophets, and martyrs, both as individuals (e.g., Abraham, David, Sarah, Elijah, Abel) and as groups.

Of course, whether praying to Old Testament saints or Christian saints, we are always asking their intercession, not praying to them as we do to God.


  1. Brian Blaney Reply

    Jesus Christ is Immanuel. Prayers are for the living, for today, tomorrow and to God Almighty. Not ladies or gentleman – Praying to your Heavenly Father is the only model The Christ ever displayed. Pray to the Holy Essential One God, the Trinity. One in Essence & three in person. Amen, Amen.

  2. Vonder Reply

    Disagree, Jesus is our mediator. Jesus sits on the right hand of the Father making intercession for the saints.

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