29 Aug 2014 USA No comments

Knights co-launch film on hope among Haiti's young amputees

New Haven, Conn., Aug 29, 2014 / 12:02 am .- The Knights of Columbus partnered with Connecticut-based EVTV to produce a documentary on hope and healing of Hait…

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09 Sep 2016 Q&A Comments (3)

Can a Catholic attend an Anglican mass as a visitor?

Full Question Can a Catholic attend an Anglican mass as a visitor? Answer Yes. However, because the Anglican church does not have valid holy orders…

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25 Aug 2016 Articles No comments

Mother Teresa: What was she really like?

Women's rights activist Reggie Littlejohn is known for her fierce work fighting forced abortion and gendercide in China, often through grilling speeches given b…

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12 Mar 2016 Americas News USA Vatican Comments (2)

Prominent Brazilian Franciscan Priest murdered in his Car

Father Antônio Moser, 75, who was a member of the 2015 synod of bishops on the family was shot dead in his car along Washington Luiz highway of Duque de Caxias …

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06 Sep 2016 Americas News USA Vatican No comments

Convent welcomes first Sisters in 40 years

A Norfolk convent has welcomed five prospective Sisters, almost doubling its numbers. The additions to the Daughters of Divine Charity brings the total numbe…

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23 Jun 2016 Articles Comments (4)

Does the Catholic Church Condemn Homosexuals?

OBJECTOR: I’m straight, but I have a lot of gay friends, and they tell me that Christians look down on them as if they are not worthy of human respect. An…

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25 Jul 2016 News No comments

Names of signatories to Amoris Laetitia letter revealed

The letter asks the cardinals to request a clarification from the Pope that some interpretations of Amoris Laetitia are heretical The names of forty-five p…

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Prosecutor undecided on death penalty after killing of nuns

The nuns' order has said it opposes the death penalty and said the sisters' murders do 'not demand revenge' A Mississippi prosecutor said she hasn’t decided wh…

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13 Apr 2016 Americas News United Kingdom USA Vatican No comments

Pope Francis appoints new Nuncio to the United States of America

A nuncio is a Vatican diplomat with the rank of ambassador. He is responsible for diplomatic relations with the government, but also serves as the Pope’s repres…

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Is it possible to get sick from drinking from the Eucharistic cup?

Full Question

Is it possible to get sick from drinking from the Eucharistic cup?


Yes. The precious blood does not inoculate a cup against germs that cause illness.

Reasonable care should be taken to clean the cup between communicants. If there is an epidemic illness, it may be prudent to distribute only the host.



  1. Peter Spasic Reply

    Why not use small glasses? After all, there are many congregations having mass at any given time – so they’re not all drinking from the one cup anyway.
    “it may be prudent to distribute only the host” – surely not. That would not be partaking in the body and blood…

  2. Irene Michaud-Bradford Reply

    I never worry about germs in the first place. Didn’t Jesus say He wanted us to live abundantly and without dismay? Surely He carries us always and if I do get sick from the blessed cup then it would be God’s Will so I will not worry.

  3. Eileen Baston Reply

    Dipping the host as in the old days would be nice.

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