Is it possible to "unsell" one's soul to the devil?

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I read the book Doctor Faustus in which a man sells his soul to the devil in exchange for worldly pleasures. This caused me to wonder what Catholics are to think on this topic. If someone “sells his soul” is it possible to “unsell” it and again be in the state of grace?


While it is a mortal sin to attempt to sell your soul to the devil, it is impossible to do so. The soul, as the substantial form of the body, is an inalienable possession of the individual. It cannot be sold, stolen, folded, spindled, or mutilated. All one would have to do to return to a state of grace after attempting to sell one’s soul would be to go to confession.


  • Haries Sankaradhas says:

    May be, the writer wanted to impress that committing sins will lead to hell. But Jesus said that there is no sin, except the sins against Holy Spirit, which can not be forgiven. So it is correctly said to go and confess. But the point is will the ‘unrepenting wilful sinner go for çonfession?’ Here comes the love of Jesus — love your neighbour as yourself. Let the family and friends pray for the person’s repentance and God’s mercy.

  • Sirilo says:

    do not confuse a sin with a false of witnesses. Sometimes friends has bad intentions.

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