Is it sinful to buy a blessed rosary?

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I have always liked old rosaries and have over the years bought many rosaries at various places. I have never re-sold any rosary I have bought, but the question of simony has come up in my conscience lately. Is it sinful for me to buy these, knowing that many of the old ones are most likely blessed?


The Catechism defines simony as the buying or selling of spiritual things (cf. CCC 2121). By your account, it is not your intention to buy a spiritual good (such as the graces using the rosary with the proper disposition can help us achieve) but only the rosary itself. This is not a sin. When you are ready to use them, you should have them blessed again.



  1. Cindyaj Reply

    Do you have to get your rosary blessed before saying the rosary?

  2. Eleanor Reply

    So glad to see to see this. I too buy rosaries. I feel as if I rescue them so they are not neglected . I have given away a few. I never thought it sinful. I feel sorry for them unused .they remind me of my grandmother. But i read that some are used for evil purposes. Should I keep buying .

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