Is Pope Francis OK? Holy Father FALLS DOWN during important Mass at Poland's holiest site

By July 28, 2016 10 Comments

As the Holy Father walked around during the televised Mass, he fell straight to the ground next to the steps leading to the altar. Millions of viewers held their breath as the pontiff was helped up by the Vatican Master of Ceremonies, Guido Marini.
It has become common knowledge that our 79-year-old pope suffers from poor health and often asks the faithful to pray for him. Pope Francis suffers from sciatica, which sometimes sends a shooting pain down his lower back to his leg. In November 2015, the pontiff was also reported falling more than once in a short period.
Fortunately, he did not suffer any injury from his fall and went on to finish the event
Throughout the remainder of the mass, meant to mark the 1050th anniversary of Poland’s Catholic faith, Pope Francis thanked Poles “for holding on to their faith in difficult times,” and praised the native St. John Paul II, describing him as “meek and powerful.”
Following Mass, the Pope jumped in his popemobile and traveled through crowds of cheering people.
“We slept so little, but it’s worth it, what an atmosphere!” said Pilgrim Kate Tor, who was one of the thousands of people who camped out for the opportunity to see Pope Francis.
A massive amount of security, including visible police, army, fire-engines and ambulances, was set up at the Monastery and during the pope’s tour. The Polish officials were taking no chances in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, especially the tragedy involving Fr. Jacques Hamel.
After his visit with the Black Madonna, Pope Francis returned to Krakow for his first big World Youth Day 2016 event, the welcome ceremony where he was joined by 15 disabled youth and their family members.
“Now go and do your duty, make noise all night long,” Pope Francis shared with the anxious youth later in the evening during his first appearance at the Papal Window in the Bishop’s Residence in Krakow.
Even though Pope Francis’ first day in Poland may have ended on a high note, we must always keep our pope in our prayers. He is expected to continue his scheduled travels over the next couple of days.


  • Eve says:

    God bless you dearest Pope Francis and give you good health. Amen.

  • Elizabeth says:

    HOLY SPIRIT help Pope Francis in whatever he do and where he go. Let YOUR power manifests always in his life to continue to pastures us in the way GOD the FATHER wants we asked this in JESUS mighty name and through the intercession of our Mother Mary. AMEN

  • Nwachi Livinus says:

    Your Holiness, may Almighty God grant you good health in this enormous task of shepherding His flocks Amen

  • God bless Pope Francis and all the worlds youth! ??

  • Jude says:

    More Grace and Strength Pope Francis.

  • Peter Keane says:

    May God give you the health to complete your mission

  • Nenpin gowong says:

    Almighty father look upon your holy child the Pope to continue the work you have called him to do in your bone yard and to Shepherd the flocks you have given him, give him health of mind body and soul to uphold to your duty take away all the sickness that is trying to befall him, proof to the whole world that you are a miracle healer heal him with the power of healing that you have given your disciples Amen.

  • Nicole Lopez says:

    May the Lord thru his grace give you what is yours to be done. May he armour you with strength, health and courage. With a humble trust may your faith be always closer to our Lord Jesus Christ Sacret Heart. We ask for the intercession of our Lady Mother Mary , apostles and all the angels and saints, Amen ?.

  • Belen Bioco Lacerna says:

    may our Father in Heaven give you more strength & good health to serve the people. God Bless you!

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