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23 Aug 2016 News No comments

New Mexico’s bishops oppose governor’s plan to reinstate death penalty

Republican Gov Susana Martinez said she will push for reinstatement during the 2017 legislative session The Catholic bishops of New Mexico in an August 18 stat…

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07 Jan 2016 Europe News No comments

The provost of Cologne Cathedral condemns gang assaults on women on New Year’s Eve

More than a thousand men mostly young drunk men reportedly of Arab or North African appearance stormed Germany on 31 Dec and sexually assaulted, robbed and atta…

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15 Sep 2016 Europe News USA Vatican No comments

ISIS slaughtered French priest declared a martyr by Pope Francis

When French priest Fr. Jacques Hamel was murdered mid-Mass by two ISIS members, the world was shocked. "Father Jacques Hamel had his throat slit on the cross…

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13 Sep 2014 Articles Comments (4)

Was Jesus Married?

Dan Brown’s wildly popular novel The Da Vinci Code postulates that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. Brown argues that Mary Magdalene was the true "Holy Gr…

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23 Feb 2016 Articles Comments (1)

10 Tips for making the best out of the Lent Season

The Lent is a season of spiritual revival meant to elevate our awareness, worship and devotion to God. It is as well a season when we are expected to become hol…

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18 Jul 2015 Articles Comments (1)

John Paul the Great

Everyone expected me to be nervous. Everyone except my mother, of course. I even expected to be a little anxious. After all, you don’t come face-to-face with a …

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10 Nov 2014 Articles Comments (1)

Jesus is Not the Property of Liberal Commentators

In a piece originally published onAlternet that has appeared this week on, Frank Schaeffer claims,“Conservative Christians would have hated Jesus."It’…

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15 Nov 2014 Q&A No comments

Am I required to have a large family?

Full Question Is it right or wrong to have a small family? Must I have a large family? Answer God said, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the e…

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21 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

Annulment reform is not about shortcuts, cardinals say

Cardinal Martinez Sistach and Cardinal Wilfrid Napier say the new procedures will stop delays in cases where marriages are clearly not valid The reforms to t…

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Is “steady dating” really a sin?

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I was reading the teenage guide for confession, and in the “fornication” section, it mentioned “steady dating” (placing oneself in the near occasion of sin by dating the same person steadily with no intent for marriage within approximately 12-18 months). I’m a sophomore in college, and have been dating my boyfriend for two months. I don’t want to get married until I have graduated with at least my bachelor’s, so I have three years to go. So am I really sinning because I don’t want to marry my boyfriend in 12-18 months?


Without looking at the guide you were reading, I don’t know for certain what it says, so I will answer the question of “steady dating” independently of assessing what that author was trying to say.

Steadily dating someone for a long period of time when one has no intention of marriage in the near future is not a sin but it is imprudent. The purpose of dating is to discern marriage. If your individual circumstances mean that you are not a position to be considering the vocation of marriage in the near future — and twelve to eighteen months is a reasonable timetable — then you should be wary of entering a committed relationship with one person.

That’s not to say that you can’t casually date a wide-range of people, as do older teenagers and young adults, with the intent of socializing and learning how to interact positively and constructively with the opposite sex. It is only to say that it would be imprudent for someone with no current interest in marriage to become involved in the type of relationship that is expected to either progress to marriage or end. One reason it is imprudent is because “steady dating” encourages the kind of physical intimacy that is appropriate only to those who are engaged to marry. Regularly engaging in that kind of physical intimacy with no expectation of marriage may lower one’s inhibitions about chastity outside of marriage and place one in the near occasion of sexual sin.


  1. MRBCX Reply

    There should be no physical intimacy for engaged couples that would not be appropriate for any dating couple. In other words, any intimacy that would not be appropriate to a dating couple should be reserved to married couples.

  2. James Seymour Reply

    @MRBCX…my thought as well.

  3. Victor Reply

    teaching is: can kiss but nothing below the neck.

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